Link Building Could Be The Missing Link To Your SEO

Link building is an aspect of search engine optimization that has been obscured by the misconception that it is irrelevant today. The fact of the matter is that Google ranks it as the number one factor in search engine ranking. Link building is a skill that, once fine-tuned, can build your website’s credibility as an authority in your field of expertise.

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What Is Link Building?

SEO strategies and tools can be harder to interpret than abstract art, but link building is a fairly simple concept. Link building is about earning “backlinks,” or words and phrases in someone else’s web content, that link back to your website. Having backlinks to your content on reputable web pages is a bit like getting a good reference in business. In essence, someone of good reputation is recommending you to others who trust them.

While link building is easy to grasp the concept, it is one that should not be taken lightly. In the same way that positive association can help you, being linked to the wrong pages can be detrimental to your online image. However, when done right, backlinks can greatly improve your search engine ranking.

Link Building Dos

Build a blog. Creating an enjoyable and informative blog for your company is crucial to establishing your status as an online authority. It should provide good advice in your field of expertise and be entertaining. Someone may click on your backlink by chance, but your blog should make them want to return to your site once they do.

Buy links. Buying links is a sure fire way to get a lot of links quickly, but it could cost you in the long run. It is more important to be associated with authoritative content than it is to have a voluminous catalog of backlinks to spam. Having a lot of links is good, but if you become associated with spammy “link fishers”, search engines will penalize you.

Choose your words wisely. For research aficionados, nothing is better than seeing an interesting word or phrase that links to content that expounds upon it. When you are generating backlinks, you want to be selective with the words that link back to your content. You want it to be a keyword or phrase that will pique the curiosity of the searcher.

The key to anchoring the right words to your content is using words or phrases that are relevant in the moment. You also want to determine what backlinks and keywords your competition is using. This will give you a better sense of what will work for you in your link building campaign. A search agency with a reputation for improving companies’ SEO, like Link Laboratory, can help you to find established websites to backlink their content to your webpage. They can also help you to find the most relevant and effective keywords to elevate your search engine ranking.

Link Building Don’ts

Don’t inject links. Injecting links is parasitic and the quickest way to be identified by Google’s search engine as spam. Link injecting is linking text from a website that you don’t own to your own web page without the other party’s permission. While it is a quick and easy way to build links, it is the equivalent of trying to steal credibility. It will catch up to you, and search engines will begin to treat your content very differently.

Start Building

Earning backlinks is the most critical step in improving your website’s search engine ranking. If you don’t already have a blog for your company, build one and post creative, fun, and informative content on it. From there, find a prominent SEO agency that offers link building services, to backlink your content to trusted and relevant external sources A well-strategized link building campaign could exponentially boost your search engine presence.

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