How To Localize Your Product By Using Multi URL QR Codes?

When was the last time you noticed product recommendations on a newspaper, television, or magazine? That was a long time ago, right? Also, our daily use of mobile phone, laptop, and other smart devices is much more than newspaper, magazines, and television.

With that being said, most companies have shifted towards digital marketing to promote their products and generate more sales than traditional marketing techniques. Now, instead of localizing a certain product through local television channels, magazines, or newspapers, business marketers rely more on digital marketing tactics.

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Multi URL QR Codes

An ideal QR Code Generator with logo like QRzebra lets you create redirect users to more than one URL depending upon multiple conditions. In this way, one can reach to the targeted customers with their interests poured behind the QR Codes.

For example, if you have your targeted audience based in both New York & California, you can showcase different information to both audiences using the same QR Code. In simple words, a Multi URL QR Code is your one-stop shop to localize your product in different cities or countries.

Redirect Users To Different URLs

As discussed earlier, Multi URL QR Codes redirect users to different websites or URLs depending upon certain conditions. One of them is location. Following are some use-cases of how you can localize your product to different people available at different locations.

Device Type

A Multi URL QR Code is able to redirect users to website depending upon their device type. For instance, you can redirect iOS users to your iOS version application and Android users to the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can promote different products to Android and iOS users accordingly. All this can be done by using a single QR Code.

Location-Based Redirection

Do you have a targeted audience based in different cities or countries? This is where multi URL QR Codes shine. A multi URL QR Code is certainly the best way to localize a product in your desired location. With a QR Code generator with a logo like QRzebra, you can generate a multi URL QR Code and then promote different products in different locations all by using a single QR Code.

Time-Based Redirection

Time-based redirection is another benefit of using multi URL QR Codes in your QR Codes marketing. Concerned about its use-case? Well, you can offer discounted deals, coupons, contests, and other benefits to your audience from midnight till 6:00 AM in the morning. In this way, the discounted deals will only be displayed to people who scanned your QR Code within the specified timeframe.

Final Verdict

Overall, QR Codes provide an easy way to localize your product, generate more sales, and increase brand awareness. In this regard, QRzebra is one of the best QR Code generator with logo. It can help you make customized QR Codes, track real-time data, and devise a successful marketing plan.

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