Can You Still Make Money Blogging?

With so many blogs and bloggers writing about all kinds of stuff, can you still make money by blogging? The answer is yes. The internet is full of verified stories of bloggers making $3,000 on just their third month of blogging. However, to become a successful blogger in 2019, you need to start your blog the right way. The article “How to Start a Blog in 2019” provides future successful bloggers a detailed “how-to” guide in starting a career as a blogger free of charge. A section in the guide explains why you can still make money as a blogger and the ways that your blog pulls in the revenue for you.

So how can you make money by blogging? The following shows how bloggers earn cash via their blogs.

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1. Affiliate Marketing

Your blog can earn money via affiliate marketing. It is one of the easiest ways for your blog to generate revenue. Affiliate marketing works through your promotion of an online merchant’s product or service. For instance, if your blog is about bodybuilding, you can endorse a post-workout recovery drink and post an affiliate link that will take your site visitor straight to the merchant’s online shop. If the visitor ends up buying the product, you earn a commission from the sale. The more clicks on the affiliate link, the more chances of a sale being consummated.

2. Google AdSense

Google’s AdSense advertising network was one of the earliest ways for blogs to generate money and it is still very much in use today. If Google approves your blog for AdSense, it will start showing advertisements showing products or services that are related to your blog’s niche. You’ll either be paid via the number of page views or the number of clicks that the ad display will generate.

3. Other Advertisements

Why ask Google to place ads on your blog when you can seek out advertisers on your own right? If you manage to increase your number of fans and followers, online merchants may consider buying ad placements on your blog. This is also referred to as direct advertisement, and it pays significantly more than AdSense.

4. Sponsored Posts

When someone pays you to publish content on your blog, it is essentially a sponsored post. The content may be something that you wrote or something that the sponsor wrote for you. It can be in the form of an article or a review of the sponsor’s product or service. Just like in the case of the blog ads, sponsored posts are in a similar niche as your blog.

5. Selling Your Own Product or Service

You can also use your blog to sell your own product or service. Depending on your expertise or your niche, you can write an ebook and sell it through your blog. If you are teaching a skill on your blog, such as computer-aided design (CAD) or Adobe Photoshop editing, you may offer an online master class course. Alternatively, you can also offer your services as a CAD designer or Photoshop editor.

The success of your blog is largely dependent on its number of followers, fans and page visitors. Following the guides and tips on the link mentioned earlier will help you get started on the right path toward creating a financially rewarding career as a blogger.

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