Does Marketing Automation And CRM Complement Each Other?

2019 will be the year when the relationship between marketing automation and CRM will evolve to a great extent for helping organizations in their business process.

Marketing automation assists the marketers in reaching a wide audience through different channels while the CRM helps the sales team in maintaining relationships with the existing customers. They can be said as the two sides of the same coin; forming different stages of the same process.

Marketing automation helps in building new relationships, provide the approach in which businesses contact their potential customers, and convert them with equal ease. It provides complete information such as when the email was opened by the customer, when the blog was clicked by the customer, etc. The most useful function of marketing automation is its ability to track the marketing campaigns for the analyzing process in the latter stage. The CRM helps in acquiring data for creating a better experience, maintaining long-term relationships with customers and generating more sales.

Let’s see how this year will prove as a culminating relationship between the two.

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Flexible CRM

A flexible CRM is useful for the sales team. For years, CRM helped in understanding the behavior of customers and closing a high number of sales deals. It has now evolved from just a database tool to a system resembling like a social network in terms of the design as well as user experience. The enhanced CRM has become simple and will manage customer relationship within a short time frame.


The all-in-one CRM helps in the consistent flow of the messaging process. The data leak and the hygiene process is maintained with the successful integration of marketing automation and CRM. It also streamlines the process and dissolves the obstacles in the communication process.

Improvised Customer Relationship

Every organization is looking forward to maintaining the relationship with their old customer, as it has become a tough task to acquire a new customer. With the integration of marketing automation and CRM, it will be easy to understand and analyze the customer behavior as the insights are based on the interactions with the customer. This helps in improving customer relationships. Integration also provides a centralized platform for customer data.

Benefits To The Sales Team

Marketers get empowered for running the lead nurturing programs, upselling opportunities, and identification of cross-selling. The more leads mean great opportunities for the sales team, by which they can build up an active sales pipeline. Marketing automation also supports the sales team with web intelligence, for better understanding of the prospect behavior. InfoClutch is one of the premium database service providers, which gives customers an accurate database via which marketers can nurture the leads and convert them into their customers in the latter stage of the process.

Data Management Approach

Data management issue is resolved with the integration of marketing automation and CRM on a single platform. There is a unified approach in this process as communication, contact, and other informational data is saved under this platform. The data also becomes easy to view and edit, organize, and faster to analyze.

Proper Synchronization With The Service And Sales Teams

The integration also builds up a streamlined process for better coordination between the sales and service teams. After the completion of the sales process, it is the responsibility of the service team to provide suitable solutions for the issues faced by customers which are easily executed with this integration.

Final thoughts

Both the marketing and sales team have the same objective which is to gain customers by accomplishing an impressive number of sales. The unique combination of marketing automation and CRM paves the path to achieve the sales target convincingly. It follows a systematic approach in keeping existing customers satisfied and generating more number of quality leads.

With the increased competition in the market, competitors are compelled to acquire each other’s customers for growing their customer base. In such cases, an amalgamation of the marketing automation and CRM can prove to be useful for understanding the customer on an in-depth level, provide better service and retain them.

Author Bio: Robert Jordan, a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, currently working as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc. Have expertise in setting up the lead flow for budding startups and takes it to next level. His passion is writing. Now he works at Studyclerk as a content writer. 

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