Top Reasons Marketing Teams Outgrow Dropbox And Google Drive

Digital marketing these days is predominantly about high-resolution images and videos that can attract the attention of the customers. Therefore, it is imperative that marketing teams of all sizes invest in an effective digital asset management system.

Maintaining a repository of thousands of images and videos is not an easy task, and a tool that can offer user-friendly search options and hassle-free storage of these digital assets is what most marketing teams migrate towards when their digital assets grow in size and number and can no longer be managed efficiently with tools such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This is where a customized cloud-based digital asset management solution such as Flight by Canto comes into the picture.

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Why Digital Asset Management Is Vital For Top Marketing Results

According to the insights gathered from digital asset managers and the members of the marketing teams of some of the most reputable brands in the world, investing in dedicated enterprise digital asset management tools not only makes it easier to organize the content with tags and keywords for better search options but also helps different teams to collaborate better by sharing a common library of images and videos.

[pullquote]From United Airlines to Popsugar, the marketing experts of these industry giants agree that visual content requires a specialized tool that provides features such as HD playback and large photo previews, to make the digital assets easy to browse through and segregate.[/pullquote] The members of the marketing team at Seattle Aquarium and Team Red, White, & Blue further add that digital asset management tools also make it easier for their external contributors to submit images to the brand, for quicker approvals and distribution.

Digital asset management helps brands protect their digital copyrights, makes it faster and easier to repurpose content, provides branded portals to distribute files, and also makes it convenient to control which team can access which digital assets. In addition to these features, tools such as Flight can easily be customized to suit the specific needs of the user, such as structural requirements and search options, as is confirmed by James Howell, the Head of Digital Marketing at Ceva Sante Animale.

Alison Peake from The a2 Milk Company describes one common scenario in which digital asset management tools make her job easier. She states that when she needs to provide brand guidelines to an agency, she can simply share the link to a folder that she has created in the DAM library for this purpose, without the need to upload new files every single time. This is only one of the many ways in which digital asset management tools can significantly simplify the day to day job of the marketing team of any brand.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the usefulness of effective digital asset management. Check out this ebook to find out more about how marketing teams across all industries use digital asset management tools for more powerful marketing of their brands.

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