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The biggest marketing discipline (in terms of reach, availability and spend) is Programmatic Mobile Display Advertising. Why? Because the majority of the population on earth has a mobile phone and is accessing the internet with that. And all those websites and apps, how do they earn/stay afloat? Exactly; by allowing ads. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about or a local news site/app; about 80% of websites and apps allow advertising. This is – again – the reason why mobile display advertising is the biggest marketing-discipline as to date.

A Demand Side Platform (or; DSP) is able to launch mobile display campaigns for you and your clients. If a DSP is integrated with a lot of globally orientated adexchanges (which a good DSP is), it’s possible to launch campaigns all over the world. Hyperlocal, regional, national, international and global. Meaning; ads can be served apps and sites that have a global audience (for example YouTube or Soundcloud), but also very specifically in sites and apps that are only regionally known. Why is this the case?

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Let’s say you own a website or an app (or both), you have decent number of visitors and you want to start earning. What to do? Simple; integrate your site or app with an adexchange and start monetizing. Meaning; you start to programmatically sell your inventory (or simply put; your advertising-spaces). Because people like to earn money (😊), a well-connected Demand Side Platform is able to – more or less – serve ads in every website and app that allows advertising (again: about 80% of the worlds’ sites and apps allow advertising).

The ads (or; banners) are usually visible between content (for example news messages). Essentially, mimicking the ancient model of newspapers allowing ads between their content. In the entire process, use of techniques like Footfall Attribution can help you determine whether your audience is visiting the store for purchases or not.

Back to the DSP. Opinions vary but mobile display advertising is considered very cost-effectively. You want to serve your ad/banner on 1000 different phones? That will likely cost you around $ 1. To repeat; for $ 1 you can show the ad/banner of your product to/on 1000 different phones. Interesting isn’t it?

A Whitelabel DSP is essentially a blank copy of a real DSP (which can have many millions of development costs in its pockets), but in the colors/design that you prefer (for example; the colors/logo of your online marketing agency). It’s even possible to create a custom login URL (for your and/or your clients).

For example, Besides running your own campaigns, it’s also possible to give your clients individual accounts in which they can see only their campaigns, OR; launch and manage campaigns themselves (self-serve)! And here is the good news; when using a real/proprietary DSP, you can buy impressions for a very low amount. Hence; big margins (up to 300%) are possible.

By purchasing a Whitelabel DSP you can add a very strong marketing-discipline to your offerings. Likewise, you can let your clients thrive while earning big yourself.

Some Tips And Tricks

  • Use/get a Whitelabel DSP solution from a DSP with a substantial amount of integrations (SSP’s/Adexchanges).
  • Use/get a Whitelabel DSP that is based on proprietary technology. More specifically; a DSP that is NOT using an external bidder (which adds another layer of pricing to your expenses/costs).
  • Use/get a Whitelabel DSP that has a strong Geo-Fencing tool (as Geo-Fencing is a strong campaign/targeting-method).

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