Pack Like A Pro: Tips For Efficient And Stress-Free Packing Before Your Trip

Going for a holiday or trip away is something to look forward to, but many of us dread packing. You may have a luggage limit, which means you need to pack smartly, or you may never know where to begin with packing and this leaves you feeling stressed.

This article gives you the best tips and trips to pack like a pro, so you can pack efficiently and with minimal stress.

Pack Tips Efficient Stress-Free Packing Trip


Roll Your Clothes

You may have heard this before, but rolling your clothes is the best way to pack. You can make more of your space when rolling your clothes, plus rolling has the added bonus of preventing creases caused by folding.

For tops, lay them facedown, fold in the sleeves, and then roll from the bottom upwards.

Pants should have the legs together before rolling from the waist down. Once everything has been rolled, put your clothes on the bottom before adding shoes and accessories. You then have a better idea of where to fit in other items.

Pack What You Need First On Top

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting somewhere and realizing everything you need is at the bottom of the suitcase. To counteract this, consider what items you will need when you get there (pajamas and toothbrush perhaps?) and put this on top.

If you’re taking a backpack and have a little space left, why not put these items into your backpack? This makes it much easier when you land, especially if you’re arriving in the evening or have more traveling to go.

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are an absolute savior on holiday or whilst traveling, as you have a much better idea of where everything is. Use packing cubes to split items into categories, in whatever way makes sense for you.

For example, you can split tops, pants, and underwear, or choose to split clothes by day and evening outfits.

Packing cubes are inexpensive and can be bought online, meaning you can order them even a few days before you need to pack.

Keep Important Documents And Cards Close

You should always triple-check your important documents and ensure that you have them to hand at all times. Use a convenient waist bag or wallet to keep things like your credit card, passport, and other IDs safe. You can also keep these in a travel document file.

If you forget your credit card and run out of money, it’s important to have a backup. Money transfer companies like Ria Money Transfer allow you to pick up cash sent by family and friends from a local store.

It’s also good practice to make a list of important documents so that you can check them when traveling around, rather than having that lingering feeling that you’ve forgotten something…

These tips can make it easier to pack, make the most of your suitcase, and avoid any unnecessary stress, such as forgetting important documents. Good luck and happy packing!

Pack Tips Efficient Stress-Free Packing Trip


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