Pierre Courchesne On The Three Steps Of Building The Best Team Of Employees

One of the most crucial aspects of managing a business is creating a dynamite team of employees. Managers must balance egos, personality types, and skill-sets to build the most dynamic team possible. In today’s fast-moving economy, most companies and organizations are aware of the importance of building the best team of employees, with long term success depending on it.

Dr. Pierre Courchesne is a well-known figure in the field of cosmetic surgery. In 1992, he founded Le Centre de Médecine et Chirurgie Esthétique, the first private medical clinic of its kind in Quebec, where you can be treated for cosmetic treatments from head to toe in one place.

As founder and medical director, Dr. Courchesne believes that the most effective teams will outperform the individual; especially when different skill-sets are needed, multiple tasks must be completed, or in high-pressure time-sensitive situations. Without a proper team, companies will run the risk of limiting the productivity of their employees to that of the individual.

Here are two key factors you should remember when building the best team behind your business.

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Hire Employees With Different Skills

Just because someone is a jack of all trades doesn’t mean they are a master of any. If you want a strong team that will stick with you in the ever-changing business world, you need diversity. Everyone must bring to the table a unique skill that sets them apart, yet allows them to compliment others.

You don’t need five employees that can get by doing any job you task them with. Instead, Dr. Pierre Courchesne explains that you need a group of employees that excel in different areas. When you bring these employees into the same space, you will see them working together to create innovative solutions backed by their diverse expertise.

Too often are employees tasked with creating solutions for issues they have never encountered before. Save yourself time, money and hassle by bringing in a team member that thrives in that environment. Over time, coworkers will learn from each other and develop new skills, but at the end of the day, they will feel more confident if they can focus on their strengths and see their work directly benefiting the business. “Let an employee do what they do best,” explains Pierre Courchesne, “and they will be a lot happier in their role”.

After you have established a diverse team, you can begin to focus on hiring individuals who can wear many metaphorical hats. Pierre Courchesne feels that employees who have a background working with smaller companies are well versed in their skill-sets, having taken on various responsibilities under one role. These employees are great for adapting to the needs of your business and are quick to assist others who have a lot of work on their plate.

Clearly Define Job Roles And Responsibilities

Once you have defined the individual’s strengths, you can more efficiently and clearly define the role and responsibilities of each team member. They must understand in what ways their role promotes independence and allows them to utilize their skills, and the ways in which it contributes to the success of the entire team. As a result, employees will feel more confident in their role and understand which coworkers are more suited for collaboration on specific tasks or ideas.

Pierre Courchesne has seen firsthand that as businesses continue to grow, making sure everyone is on the same page becomes increasingly more important. For the success of a business, it is key that expectations, communication, and alignment of goals are clearly defined.

Unfortunately, it is very common that individuals are put into job positions without truly understanding what they are responsible and accountable for. Things will fall through the cracks and remain unnoticed until it begins to threaten the success of the business.

Defining job duties and responsibilities provide expectations and understanding to employees, which helps keep your business running smoothly. Roles and responsibilities also allow for proper communications between departments, enabling full integration and organization.


In order to build the best team of individuals for the workplace, you must have a deep understanding of people, their strengths, and skill-sets. Be fully aware of your team’s abilities by investing the time to understand each individual’s methods, thinking processes, and what is needed to allow them to excel as an individual and team member.

A team must be unified and sharing a common goal, success will stem from assembling a diverse team.  When businesses are able to create a diverse team, the collaboration will become natural and produce significantly higher quality work, than a team that lacks diverse skill sets. Dr. Pierre Courchesne would like to remind readers that hiring a diverse team is not a one time practice, make sure you also take time to receive feedback from employees and make any adjustments needed in order to support your team’s needs.

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