Promotional Gifts For Acquiring And Keeping Customers

Once a company has gained a client, they want to retain it right? For some businesses, this is not always the easiest thinking. It takes marketing strategy, organization efforts and drive to manage these relationships that your customer comes back to you time and time again.

Sadly, most businesses are obsessed to increase their sales, but careless when it comes to customer retention. How sad?

0f course increasing the sales and making new customers is great, but retaining existing customers should be your primary focus. Several studies found that 68% of your sales come from your existing customers.

Don’t rely on the customers who just trip over on your website, place an order and never comes back. You can’t underestimate the power of a loyal customer base. According to research if 12 – 15% customers are loyal to single retailer then they represent 55 -70% of their sales.

Retaining your customer is a key aspect of your business. Without a doubt converting leads into your loyal customer is a hard process, but your efforts can pay off if you just focus on one ultimate goal “retention”.

Loyal customers will always come back for your products and services, they are your best asset. When you increase your customer retention by 5%, then this leads to 95% increase in your profit. But if you’re unable to retain your customers; in other words, you churn and burn – you’ll be losing a lot of money.

Promotional gifts are one of the best ways to acquire and retain your customers. So here is a list of the few types of promotional giveaways smart marketers always keep on hand.

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Branded Pens

Yes, that’s right, pens. It may sound simple, but pens are one giveaway that will never go out of style. Every company needs branded pens that represent their identity.

Ordering promotional pens is one of the simplest ways to add instant brand recognition to any occasion, whether the pens are placed at the front desk for customers or used by employees around the workplace. This is one of the most basic—yet effective—promotional products you can buy. Since pens are such a versatile giveaway, smart marketers always have branded pens in stock.

Lighthearted Promotional Items

Your giveaways shouldn’t be all business, all the time; sometimes it’s important to show a lighter side of your company. That’s when smart marketers pull out their fun promotional giveaways. These are the types of products that leave a lasting and impression and make your brand memorable.

For the best online printing services, Helloprint is offering Promotional gift items, such as business cards, leaflets, appointment cards, banner flags, printed caps, printed balloons, luggage/ sports bags and many more items which can serve as a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand.

They help your business stand out by showing that your team has fun and loves what they do. When the time is right, giving away lighthearted promotional items can brighten anyone’s day. Statistics have long proven that customers who own a company’s branded item and are happy with it are significantly more likely to buy from that company in the future.

So, know your customer base well and target it with thoughtful, high-quality branded merchandise that will hold a special place in people’s everyday life.

Additional Services Post-Purchase

Another significant giveaway which sticks is giving your customers an extra service after a transaction. This option kills two birds with one stone: it brings tangible value which improves and expands the customers’ experience with your product, and it forges a deeper personal and emotional connection. By going beyond what the original contract states, you demonstrate to your clients your commitment not only to keeping them happy but actively making them happier as well.

The Item Your Employees Love Giving Away

When promotional products are given genuinely and enthusiastically, they’re so much more successful. That’s why it’s important to have a stock of promotional items that your team members love giving out. In every company, there is that one branded item that everyone loves.

Smart marketers know that having giveaways their employees actually enjoy handing out (and using themselves!) is a necessity. It creates brand advocates, turning your team members into promoters of your brand.

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