Innovative Promotional Strategies From The Mobile Realm

Seeing as there is now a seemingly infinite range of apps and websites out there, it’s clear that app publishers and website developers have to use some pretty interesting promotional tactics to make sure that their digital offerings don’t get lost in the crowd.

[pullquote]Some entertainment publishers use marketing strategies that rely on pretty traditional methods like TV advertising and big-name sponsorships.[/pullquote] And nowhere was this better seen that at this year’s Super Bowl where the mobile games developer MZ spent $5 million in recruiting Arnold Schwarzenegger to deliver some famous one-liners for their Mobile Strike gaming app.

But whilst these promotional approaches might be an option for established mobile developers, for the smaller indie developer, there are some alternative options in making sure that their apps and websites stand out from the rest. We have compiled a short list of innovative strategies that might just work for you.

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Curated Sites

Many mobile content publishers try and get extra exposure by submitting their apps and websites to specialist sites. Resources like Mevvy have earned a good reputation as a result of offering a curated approach to apps and websites so that they are catered towards different needs ranging from travel to productivity.

Affiliate Options

Similarly, there’s been the rise of affiliate sites that provides the useful service of only including the best and most relevant apps and websites for that specific genre. A good example of this can be found at the Lucky Mobile Casinos website that lists different casino gaming websites that are optimized for certain devices to ensure that the gamer finds exactly what they are looking for in an easy and efficient manner.

Information Matters

But it’s the way that the internet provides mobile developers with an inexhaustible source of information about how people use their services that’s the greatest help to any promotional strategy. Thanks to resources like App Annie, many publishers have uncovered new business opportunities as a result of seeing how users may be using their app in ways that the developers would have never have dreamed of. Similarly, the Google Analytics tool is an invaluable resource for any website developer.

Coupon Strategies

It’s also clear that coupons are also playing a big part in how mobile developers are promoting themselves. By running a campaign through a coupon site, app publishers and mobile marketing managers are able to market their products in dynamic ways and easily gain a valuable insight into how successful the promotional strategy is.

Blog Power

And finally, blogs have also proven themselves to be very useful for any prospective mobile developer. Whether it’s getting a member of the website development team to write a guest post for a relevant blog, or even just creating a company-specific blog that illustrates interesting ways that the apps could be used, it shows how fresh and exciting content is key to attracting a new audience.

So whether it’s an online casino app using a review site to profile its efforts, or an analytics resource providing a greater understanding of a website’s usage, it shows just how many ways there are for a mobile resource to enjoy a successful promotional strategy.

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Innovative Promotional Strategies From The Mobile Realm

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