Rebaid Revolutionizes The Consumer Shopping Experience

Rebates are a pain to deal with. Well, at least they have been in the past, but thanks to Rebaid — NO MORE! – In the past, rebate processing was so slow and complicated that the average consumer only got 8% of their rebates back.

The process was such a struggle, and all too often, the rebate would be rejected for some technicality: receipts, UPCs, specific forms, and more needed to be submitted. If the form was filled out in black ink instead of blue — rejected. Additionally, the old rebates could take up to three months to process. By the time it gets rejected, it is too late to resubmit — the deadline for submission has passed.

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What Is The Solution? (

Rebaid has found a way to simplify the shopping experience so consumers can get their rebate money back when buying online. They created an easy-to-use website where you can find all the latest deals from a network of trusted retailers and submit your rebate forms in just one click! It’s that easy! You don’t need special software or apps to use this site; everything works right in your browser.

What Is

Rebaid partners with retailers on sites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and independent retailers to provide great deals on products to consumers. In short, search for a product you are interested in on the Rebaid site (not the retailer’s site). If you find a product you are interested in, it could be eligible for a rebate or an instant discount. Sound too good to be true? It totally isn’t. Read on to find out how it works.

How Does Work?


Click the Redeem Offer button to find a promotion you are interested in. Then you’ll be asked to choose your preferred rebate method. Click next to go to the marketplace and purchase the product. Note Rebaid supports promotion for products on Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. The promotion detail page will list the marketplace offered for each promotion.

Once you have completed your purchase, copy your order number. Then return to Rebaid. You will see a box on your homepage. Here you can paste your order number and click submit. That’s it! The rebate has been confirmed and is scheduled for payment. There is no need to review the order or do anything else. You must not cancel your order or return it, as this would invalidate the rebate.

Once your rebate payment has been sent, you will receive a notification. Mailed check rebates usually arrive within 7-10 business days of being sent, and direct deposit rebates usually post to your account within 48 hours of being initiated.


Rebaid now offers discount code promotions. Rebaid will display a discount code on its product page when using this promo type. Click on the code to save it and click the Buy Now button. The marketplace will take you to the product page. For instant savings, simply purchase the product and use the discount code at checkout. Check out their frequently asked questions to learn more.

My Experience


I found the site extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, and instructions are self-explanatory every step of the way. The pages are not cluttered — they are so easy to see with large photos, large text, and easily identifiable discount and rebate information. You can also see how many items are still eligible for the discount or rebate as a shopper. Sellers provide a certain number of items for these deals, so knowing quickly and easily how many are left available is helpful.


Once you identify an item you are interested in and click on the image, there is a thorough description of the product, and you can see what retailer the item is available through. A link is available for you to click through to the product on its marketplace. This feature is helpful and allows you to read reviews and comments before committing to purchase.

Redeem Offer

Click “Redeem Offer” and fill out the available field options, such as do you want a check or direct deposit for your rebate? What is your mailing address? The direct deposit option does incur a small fee, while the check option is free. Additional criteria are available for direct deposit — available to shoppers who have redeemed at least 2 product offers and have created their Rebaid account more than five weeks ago.

Finish Up

Make the purchase, then confirm and submit your rebate! Easy peasy. No reviews are required for any deals, and these are exclusive deals for retailers you already shop at.

Best Deals

Now you may be thinking – is this worth it for a $1 rebate? Well, guess what?! There are rebates of up to 100%! That’s right. You can get the entire purchase price back for many items. Think about what you just spent on your family and friends for the holiday? What if you could have gotten almost 100% of that back? No credit card debt hanging over your head in 2022.

Using their referral program, shoppers can receive $10 per new shopper who signs up and redeems an offer using their referral program!

How Are These Deals Possible?

Rebaid was started in 2019 by an Amazon seller who made eight figures, and he wanted to help other e-commerce sellers succeed at their product life cycle stages. Rebaid’s mission aims to connect brand owners and sellers looking for great deals on new products.

They strive to facilitate seamless redemptions of promotional offers and expeditious processing of rebate payments. Their goal is to end the stigma associated with rebate sites.

To rank on page one of search results, sellers must have the same sales volume as the product page. Sellers can offer mega-discounts and rebates to guarantee sales rather than hoping for sales with a marketing budget. You are helping small businesses to grow by redeeming a rebate or offer.

The key to success in this rapidly changing retail environment is innovation. Those companies who cannot implement creative opportunities swiftly may be left behind. Rebaid is a leader in rebate innovation.

Final Thoughts

My honest and most sincere opinion is that Rebaid will revolutionize the consumer shopping experience. Those who do not jump on this Rebaid train will throw away their hard-earned money. I know I won’t be, and neither will anyone in my family. Rebaid is part of our shopping experience for good!

Years ago, I provided a reasonably substantial Christmas for my children with the help of clipped coupons. I would shop at a local retailer and watch for customers who may be purchasing something I knew I could help them get for free. My daughter helped, and we had a blast—Win/Win for everyone all around.

The days of extreme couponing are over. Now apps and online shopping are at the forefront of consumer purchasing, and the pandemic has escalated how quickly retailers have needed to modify their sales and marketing strategies. There is no longer a need to spend hours clipping coupons, matching up deals with sales and clearance items. Rebaid provides better results while giving me the ability to shop from my comfy recliner while watching my favorite episodes of Chicago Fire.

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