The Role Of Internet In Crypto Assets

The implementation of the internet brought on a massive amount of changes to the world. Communication has never been more accessible, as we can get in touch with people across all corners of the earth within seconds.

We now have the ability to upload, browse, and download vast amounts of information as never before. But the internet also allows us to invest online and easily connect with other retail traders. It brought down the ancient barriers, and today we can reach out to a more significant number of investors and take part in all financial markets.

With the rise of the internet, we also witnessed an increase in trading platforms like eTrade and Interactive Brokers. These platforms make it relatively easy to trade online thanks to their many tools, assets, and educational materials. They also provide many other advantages like liquidity from exchanges and ECN’s.

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Crypto Assets Explained

Online investments can be quite profitable in the long run. The UK based Nutmeg went over £1 billion in funds from management last year alone. But for less knowledgeable investors and individuals’ crypto-assets can be confusing and even unappealing at times.

This is made more straightforward thanks to the array of crypto management tools that you can use in your day to day operations. At the moment, the crypto market is estimated to be worth nearly $400 billion.

The recent ups and downs on the market have driven away from several investors, but luckily it’s showing signs of stabilizing. This way, less experienced individuals can give it a try, bringing on the need for a more simplified platform with easier access.

Benefits Of Simplified Crypto Management

At the moment, the purchase of cryptocurrencies online is still more complicated than with any other goods. More people are drawn to this market because of the allure to make a quick profit, but this brings on an awareness that a new set of tools is needed to make crypto trading available to investors of all skill sets.

At the moment, trading with cryptocurrency is a long and challenging process. You have to set up an e-wallet where you can store the crypto you wish to trade with. Then you have to create a bunch of other wallets to store different kinds of cryptocurrencies. After that, you need to visit an exchange site where you can exchange your crypto funds for others.

This is pretty much doable, but the process includes lengthy verifications, and traders from some countries are not allowed to create profiles at all. This makes it difficult for you to keep track of all your wallets and the current status of your cryptocurrency.

As the CEO of Blox, Alon Muroch says,” keeping track and managing your crypto assets is no walk in the park, even, or especially for the more experienced traders. Knowing where your coins are kept, how they performed, and what their real-time status, is can be a challenge.”

This is why many companies have decided to introduce a more simplified tool for trading – asset management. These tools are simplifying the entire process of trading into one tool, rather than managing multiple accounts over several wallets.

At the moment, several companies are offering crypto-asset management with investment options on behalf of their customers. They are showing reliable results, as Bitwise Asset Management reports a massive 51% return in under four months after using their services. This indicates that the crypto investment market could double in the next year.

Filtering The Market

As we have witnessed over the years, there are a number of exchanges online which you can use to make your trades. But this is a long list and is especially challenging for investors. Not all exchanges are compatible with the e-wallets, and not all of them trade the crypto you may possess.

This is why crypto asset management platforms are looking for ways to simplify the entire process without involving third parties. This makes it easier for traders to complete and manage their crypto investments. Many companies are showing promising signs in this field. Blox offers users easy access and centralizing their multiple wallet accounts into one location.

Iconomi allows traders to create asset groups and combinations, while Blackmoon allows you access to a blockchain service to place investments and oversee your funds.  Even online casinos are taking a piece of the action, so today, you can find a significant number of casinos with bitcoin withdrawal.

A Simple Horizon

The way things are at the moment, we can see that crypto trading can only continue to live if new individuals enter the market. This is why the entire process must be simplified so that everyone can quickly figure out what to do. This is what crypto asset management tools offer to traders—a simple way to start trading online with a centralized location to manage all of your investments.

It’s normal to expect steady growth in this sector as the platforms become mainstream and attract new investors to their ranks. But their success will also depend on better understanding the entire market, rather than just a place to manage your investments. We’re not sure what the future may bring when it comes to crypto asset management.

One way it could go is a synergy and consolidation of various trading platforms. This will make it relatively easy to find partners and further grow your investments. With a strong promotion of these platforms, it can be expected that a much broader audience will embrace them and take part in the online investment family.

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