Shifting Trends In Digital Marketing

Marketing is an interesting field filled with trends analysis, people, communication, and staying on top of your toes. Although marketing has made seismic shifts over the past decade, it’s important to understand that although a field may change, there are always ways to alter and grow into new ways of thinking. As researchers continue to gather information about each field, the way technology is used in each field will change with each new growth period.

For marketers, this can be a change of their title. Marketing and advertising can sometimes get a bad reputation for being people “just trying to sell stuff.” This isn’t always the case. Media professionals must be more well-rounded than ever before.

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Job descriptions for media professionals not only include the innate ability to write and communicate but also it demands a person who understands digital media and their audiences on an academic level. When the public thinks of media professionals, they are not always thinking of the ones behind a screen or in board meetings trying to come up with the next best plan.

Marketers do not always have to be the person doing a sales pitch for an advertising campaign as it is so often described in movies and television. Sometimes marketing professionals want to use their unique abilities to actually get important messages out to their audience.

As news professionals and journalist must understand the importance of digital platforms, marketers can help their headlines actually reach an audience. Digital marketers have a way of understanding and analyzing the data behind their audience to send them the most effective messages.

Journalists used to just have to worry about a headline fitting on the page, now they must also concern themselves with it being relatable to a digital audience. A good journalist will find the story worth reading, but a great journalist understands that media professionals must grow with the times.

For marketers, working side by side with journalists has become an everyday thing. Communications professionals are learning how to work together in an ever-changing environment. For digital marketers, understanding an audience that they’ve never spoken to can be a new challenge that is completely data-driven through campaigns and daily trial and error.

Traditional marketing styles relied heavily on patterns of cold calling and sales. Now jobs must differentiate titles between sales and marketing. Marketing is more related now to strategizing. Marketers, whether digital or advertisers, must learn to market to their audience. Having a thorough understanding of their audience will help when framing the message. Whether it is a product or service being offered, there is always a message that must go along with it.

Marketers are often the ones in charge of coming up with the messages and brands that will become recognizable to the people using the product or service. Whether it’s running a campaign for Blessed Thistle or selling a new face cream, marketers must be able to understand any product or service and frame a message for it.

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