Why You Should Hire A Translation Services Company

It is tempting to engage an in-house translator instead of a translation agency. First, you may find the cost of hiring an in-house translator low. Second, you may think that an individual translator will work closely with you to deliver high-quality results.

However, what you do not know is that translation is a complex process. Also, you should count the cost of translation services from the outcomes that you will get.

Notably, hiring an individual translator exposes you to several risks, including failure to apply the right context to your translated text.

So, hiring a translation services company stands as a better option. It comes with several benefits that you miss when you engage an individual translator.

Before we explore the benefits of hiring a translation company, let us find out what the translation process entails.

 Should Hire Translation Services Company


Activities Of A Translation Process

A translation process is procedurally similar to any other complex process. So, translators divide the process into achievable milestones. Given that translation is a mentally demanding process, breaking it down into smaller exercises makes it simple.

Most translators use a 5-step process when translating texts. The steps are as follows:

1. Scoping Out Text For Translation

The first step is to identify the scope of the text that you need to translate. You should note its complexity, length, and writing style, among other aspects of the text. The aim is to test how the text feels.

You do not have to go through the entire text during the scoping exercise. You can skim through the text to get its overview. Also, you need to identify the terminologies that require further research to get their meaning.

2. Initial Translation

The next step is to translate the text systematically. You can opt to translate chunks of 5-10 words. However, each chunk should be complete in terms of meaning and context. Also, you should select chunks that you can retain in your short-term memory.

So, you can find anything more than ten words hard to memorize. Also, longer sentences can result in oversight in some of their meaning during a translation process.

If you find long sentences that have more than ten words, consider breaking them into smaller units. However, chunks that are too short are unnatural or unclear. So, the chunks should be distinct and short enough to result in natural translation.

3. Checking The Accuracy

An accuracy check calls for a translator to compare the translated chunks with their original text. The move aims at checking whether the translated chunks captured their entire meaning. Also, the assessment tests whether a translator misinterpreted the meaning of some words.

The accuracy check gives you a chance to adjust your translated text. So, you can improve any meaning that sounds unnatural. Also, you can replace some words with the ones that maintain the context of the translated text.

4. Taking A Break

The next important step is to take a few hours or overnight break. This step helps you to clear your mind in preparation for the final step. So, do things that are unrelated to translation, such as watching a movie, listening to music, or jogging.

5. Fine-Tuning The Translated Text

The last step calls for a translator to reread the translated document and compare it with the original text. The main focus is to check the quality of expression. Also, the step helps you to refine and polish the translated text.

Quality Of The Translated Text

After receiving your translated text, how do you tell that it has high quality? According to future trans, a high-quality translated text should feature the following.


You can determine the accuracy of your translated document by checking the number of mistranslations and poor translations. Using any automatic translation tools will test the quality of accuracy in any translated text. Some of the errors you can find include incorrect wording, sub-standard sentences, and misleading text meanings.

A poorly-translated text has a high number of highlighted errors. Often, such errors arise because of bypassing professional translators in pursuit of low-cost translation, among other factors.


Clarity calls for a translator to come up with easy-to-read text that matches the original text. For this reason, you need to go for a translator with high-quality writing skills.

Sometimes, a translator can get the correct meaning of some words but fail to write it for a reader to understand.

Notably, a professional translator can translate a poor-quality original text into a clear and comprehensive text. The resultant text should not have long sentences or paragraphs. Overall, the translated text should carry a clear message.

Natural Dimension

The translated text should flow when you read it. It should not contain mixed-up information that takes you back and forth what you have already read. So, a translator should proofread and correct grammar. Also, they should ensure that the translated text reads naturally.

Cultural Orientation

The translated text should align with the cultural values of the target audience. Its wording should have a context that the target audience will not find offensive or misleading. Remember, words have different meanings to different communities. So, the translation should match with the localization of the translated text.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Translation Services Company

So far, you have understood that translation is a complex text. It requires dedication and other resources. So, you need to engage a translation company because of the following reasons:

Access To A Team Of Translators

Most translation companies have a team of highly-trained professionals with vast experience. The team comprises individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. So, you can get an array of translation services including, the Hebrew translation services.

If you think that getting a native speaker is all you need to translate your text, you are wrong. A professional translator understands the translation process and seeks to follow the related standards.

So, never get an employee to translate your text because they belong to the target audience’s ethnicity.

A professional translation services company has a team of translators equipped with the right tools. They have the research, proofreading, and accuracy checking tools. So, you will get high-quality translation services because you will engage a team of well-prepared translators.

Quality Standards

The quality standards of a translation services company are consistent. Notably, it is not possible to test the language fluency of your employee when you engage them as your translator. Also, it is not possible to know whether you get accurate results from them.

Remember, you are not fluent in your target language. So, there is a high probability of poor-quality translation.

If you are in business, you need to connect with your audience to grow your brand. So, you have to present content that matches their understanding. So, you need your translation done accurately and in a manner that displays your professionalism in business.

Given that most translation companies adhere to a set of translation standards, you will be sure to get your translation done accurately. Remember, translation companies specialize in the course. So, they have the expertise required to translate your text as per your expectations.

Also, a company can give you suggestions and recommendations because they are aware of the business field requirements.

When you engage a translation services company, they use the following tools to make your translation a success.

  • Translator-project matching: Regardless of your translation needs, a translation company will have someone to do it. A company also has someone that matches the level of proficiency that you will require. It is not possible to get an individual translator that can fit all translation projects.
  • Transparency: Most translation companies do not refrain from providing the qualifications of their translators. So, they will tell you who is working on your project and how qualified they are to meet your expectations. Also, the companies will give you access to their translating software to enable you to track the progress of the translation process.
  • Linguistic assets: Most translation companies possess linguistic assets, including translation databases, termbases, and style guides. It is rare to find an individual translator with such tools.

Saving Time And Money

Given the scope of work that goes into a translation process, there is a high likelihood of errors when you engage an in-house translator. Also, it will take you more time and money to redo the translated text after noticing the mistakes.

For this reason, you need a translation services company that will make your translation a one-go process.

Also, you do not translate your text daily. So, investing in translation tools is not a noble idea.

A Sustainable And Scalable Solution

Over time, your business will grow and penetrate a new market. So, you will require translation services over and over again. You require a translator that will understand your business needs. Also, the translator has to accommodate your growing translation needs.

Engaging a translation company will provide you with a sustainable and scalable translation solution. Also, you will get a guarantee that you will be having a translation solution at hand at all times.

Notably, an in-house translator can handle small translation projects. However, the risks associated with such a translator are many. Notably, engaging a translation services company bypasses all those risks making it your ideal choice for translation services.

 Should Hire Translation Services Company


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