Sociable Professions In Demand – Advantages And Challenges

The information age reveals its requirements for the professions. Specialties are actively upgrading in terms of duties and responsibilities. Today, many businesses need employees who are responsible for servicing customers or distributing certain information. How many of them are demanded on the market?

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Call Center Operator

This specialist, on the one hand, should be able to professionally use technical devices (computer, communication equipment, headsets), and on the other hand – have business communication skills. His or her responsibilities are restricted by certain instructions, rules, and regulations, depending on the place of work. Call center operators responsible for.

  • receiving and distributing incoming calls.
  • receiving messages and emails.
  • maintaining customer database.
  • providing reference and advisory services to subscribers.
  • providing customers with information about tariffs, the range of goods and services, etc.

If the specialist cannot solve the client’s problem on his own, then he has to redirect the call to a more competent employee.


The broker is a specialist who intermediary acts on behalf of the client between the seller and the buyer and makes a profit in the form of commission fees for the transaction. The broker’s field of activity includes work in the securities, foreign exchange, insurance, and mortgage markets. In the securities market, a broker works with stocks, bonds, futures, options. In the foreign exchange market, the broker deals with currency, performs customs operations, etc.

A broker should be sociable, responsible, decisive, able to organize own activity in a large flow of information and a variety of tasks.

Ambulance Operator

Reception is the very place where calls from all over the city flow. Ambulance Operators use communication equipment, including PC and headphones with a microphone. Specialist receives incoming phone calls to the receptionist’s registry answer the caller’s questions within their competence. Ambulance Operator politely and carefully listens to the requests of patients and without delays sends the Ambulance if necessary.

According to the rules, the brigade should arrive at the emergency call up to 10 minutes after the call was fixed. An emergency is urgent cases including accidents, heart attacks, strokes, injuries and so on. Small temperature and coughing are not considered emergency situations.

Contact centers are interested in experienced employees, but they are also ready to teach employees. Such professions often attract young people, as they offer a guaranteed income, and provide an opportunity for quick professional growth.

Work in the call center is often offered on a flexible schedule, part-time or remotely, which allows young people to study. At the same time, a broker has to be a high-skilled and motivated person, whose income depends on efforts. Anyway, sociable professions give people valuable practical skills that will help them in further career development.

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