Sports Joining The Cryptocurrency Market – Football Clubs Have Started Promoting The Market

Ronaldinho is a Brazilian footballer who has been busy in his promotions for the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin, and we can see how the athletes of sports are being interested in the world of the digital currency.

Ronaldinho has been promoting his coin among 18 million followers on Twitter. We did not expect the soccer star to jump into the world of cryptocurrency right after his retirement, but he is all set to take in on this one.

Talking about the RSC project, the project was created by World Soccer Coin, which is a company based in Malta. The company is going to issue somewhat 1bn digital tokens which are going to be for 25 US cents per token.

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The funds that will come from the investors will then go into the development of businesses such as esports gambling and these funds will also be donated to children of the unprivileged society, in the form of football merchandise. This has all been stated by the company’s website. For more information visit

This project is also one of the many projects that have been developing recently. All of these projects show how the cryptocurrency market has been flourishing along with the world of sports and how it has been affecting the world of sports tremendously.

Apart from that, we have also seen several other football clubs that have come up and made deals in order to promote the ‘initial coin offerings’. In this, several companies come forward to raise money by creating and selling their own digital currencies. The football clubs include Paris Saint-Germain, Tottenham, and Arsenal among several others.

Talking from the other side of the story, it has become highly convenient for the cryptocurrency groups and platforms to gain global audience and support, as these celebrity endorsements do a lot for them. These deals allow the companies to make their brand prominent as they get their names on the shirts of the sports teams. This helps them in several ways as they start to attract investors and this also allows them to get visible in the market.

Nevertheless, there are several watchdogs, and websites that are constantly keeping an eye on these crypto companies and keeping a close track of what they are doing. These watchdogs have also warned that the market involves high risks and that people tend to lose money. This is because the market is loosely regulated and it involves several fraud companies and bots that are sitting to run away with your money. This does impact football as well, because various risks are involved.

According to the managing director of Forex Datasource, JavierPaz, the people who go to sports events are also those people who have a sense of interest and curiosity in terms of investment. He then said that these are also the people who lack the skill, and that they might not be able to tell the difference between investment or digital currency.

As per Simon Chadwick, who is University of Salford’s professor of sports enterprise, there are several people in the world of football, who just don’t understand the concept of the cryptocurrency market, and how it works. He then went on to say that this raises concerns as the football industry has put all of its energy in finding talent, but the industry might have neglected other aspects.

Talking about the trends and decisions of these past years, many football clubs have made several deals including sponsorships which spread the word for forex brokers who are not legitimate and who are believed to be fraudulent. The products that these brokers deal in, can lead to heavy losses and they can further lead to putting your hard-earned money to waste.

However, the industry is changing with every passing day, and several new restrictions are being made to ensure that these issues do not occur.

Coming on to August, a total of 7 English Premier League clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, and Newcastle United joined hands to sign a 1-year marketing partnership with eToro. If you are wondering what eToro is, it is a website that provides a platform for training cryptocurrency. As these clubs were in a partnership, they got their payment in the form of Bitcoin.

No matter what one does, you cannot deny the fact that the cryptocurrency market involves high risks. Every sports athlete should ensure that he is endorsing the right product, as one wrong move can do them a lot of harm.

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