Superior Commercial Cleaning Services Is The Belief Of Servi-Tek

There is deep wisdom in the old adage that cleanliness is next to godliness. The team at Servi-Tek strives to provide industry-leading commercial cleaning services to all its clients. Commercial buildings are occupied by a wide array of businesses with a unique clientele.

Sound commercial cleaning service is required for taking care of the resulting stream of daily traffic. An accomplished commercial cleaner will be able to understand your needs and customize their services to address those cleaning needs in a cost-effective fashion.

The experts at Servi-Tek will visit your location for identifying the frequency and level of building cleaning service required. This will allow for better cleaning and a more enhanced working environment for your clients, customers, and employees.

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Office Cleaning Like Never Before

All property managers want the best for their building image at a cost-effective price. They also want that the employees and other visitors remain healthy. It’s Servi-Tek’s passion to ensure that a great impression is made through a clean and inviting work environment. There are several superior aids used by Servi-Tek for realizing this ideal public image. They use a comprehensive office cleaning program that is customizable to match the unique needs of every building.

You can significantly improve workplace efficiency by adding office cleaning services. Workers that are not worried about their working environment have a higher likelihood of being productive and upbeat throughout the day. Your customers and employees deserve this change.

Experience A New Level Of Clean With Custodial & Janitorial Services

Servi-Tek has years of experience in providing polite and friendly custodial cleaning services. You can provide your employees and visitors with a clean and healthy working environment for them to thrive in. Servi-Tek has an extensive team of janitors and cleaners with a low attrition rate.

You can choose from a wide variety of janitorial cleaning services to match your requirements. Servi-Tek can provide the services required for your facility, regardless of the complexity and size of your business.

Following The Science Behind Cleaning

There have been significant advances made in the field of technology and chemistry. This has allowed for faster, more effective, and healthier cleaning as compared to before. Does the present janitorial company have an understanding of these advances? Are you sure the cleaning company you have is using the best methods and practices based on sound scientific research?

There have been tremendous strides made by the building services industry in the past several decades. Servi-Tek prides itself on staying abreast with these innovations. You can get better, healthier, and safer results for you and your facility by allowing Servi-Tek to implement innovative cleaning changes in your facility.

Servi-Tek has knowledge of hot spots and how germs spread. In this day and age of coronavirus, there has never been a more important time to use all necessary precautions for preventing the virus from spreading again.

Servi-Tek does all this while managing and balancing their client’s green cleaning goals. The best part is that Servi-Tek understands how to make the most of the cleaning budget available without the possibility of any cleaning complaints.

The Servi-Tek Difference

Many companies wonder what Servi-Tek does differently for providing superior cleaning services:

  • Recruiting, screening, and hiring of those people that are best suited to work in the cleaning industry
  • Employing safety and security measures to ensure that people entering a facility are trustworthy and honest
  • Providing janitorial training since it is the foundation of science-based cleaning and good service
  • Staying on top of the science of cleaning and constantly improving on how things are done
  • Cleaning for health
  • Vigorous training to all team members for following healthy cleaning
  • Transparent pricing that allows comparing of notes
  • Smart Cleaning Solutions for optimizing the janitorial budget
  • Real green cleaning choices for helping reach your goals
  • Individualized and flexible cleaning plans that meet the unique needs of the clients
  • Effective communication and responsiveness for solving issues before they turn into habitual problems

The Importance Of Training For Professional Cleaning

You shouldn’t have to accept anything less than what your facility rightfully deserves. It can be formidable to invest time and money in searching for the right building services contractor. However, you can save yourself tons of pain down the line by making the right choice. Servi-Tek is a name that stands out in the cleaning industry because of the type of services they provide.

Servi-Tek doesn’t just follow industry best practices, they also set them. They are an innovative team that employs advanced cleaning practices to keep a facility germ free. They also help in improving the reputation of an establishment by letting employees, vendors, clients, and other visitors know that the management cares about appearances and the health of everyone.

However, excellence cannot be delivered without a sound plan and this is where Servi-Tek comes in. The right janitorial company can help you build a real and lasting partnership with your customers.

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