Bulletproof Tips – 3 Steps To Hire The Web Development Team Of Your Dreams

Online presence with an interactive, mobile-friendly website is key to business survival today. Thus, businesses wishing to embrace the online potential face the need to develop excellent web solutions, which is impossible without qualified staff.

Recruiting the proper talent to a team is always a challenge, so experts of Qubit labs share their secrets and hands-on experience on how to hire web development team of your dream – quickly and effectively.

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Step 1 – Specify Your Needs

“I need a team of developers” is too general for generating any good results. You need to be perfectly clear about the type of coders you need, the hiring model you wish to pursue, and the skills they need to possess. Will it be a junior-level front-end developer? Or a back-end engineer with over 5 years of experience?

Or maybe you want an all-in-one solution by hiring a capable full-stack specialist? The hiring model can be in-house recruitment, outsourcing, staff augmentation, or hiring several freelancers. Depending on these criteria, you may start the candidate search with a much clearer focus, and it will yield better results for sure.

Step 2 – Find Team Workers

Hiring a team of coders is inherently different from hiring one new employee. The team has to stick together well, without interpersonal conflict, with effective communication established at all levels, and with all team members possessing robust teamwork skills.

Hence, depending on whether you already have a part of the team in-house and wish to supplement it with new staff, or you are creating a new developer team from scratch, you’d better follow these recommendations:

  • Look for candidates with strong interpersonal skills (communicative, helpful, easygoing)
  • Hire at least one senior developer with teamwork experience to supervise the team
  • Avoid candidates with a track record of frequent job switches and poor soft skills
  • Look for such features as positive attitude, honesty, and reliability in the candidates.

Obviously, these characteristics should not outweigh the programmers’ hard skills as an ability to perform web development work is always the first thing to look for. Nevertheless, if the candidate is also reliable in task completion (e.g., meets all deadlines and ensures work consistency), reveals confident communication skills, and seems easily adaptable, such a candidate choice is better for sure.

Additionally, it’s recommended to look for enthusiasm and commitment – such developers may move the team forward and inspire others for exemplary performance, which is in the employer’s best interest.

Step 3 – Make The Team Stick

Obviously, it’s much better to compile a team based on the tech stack that each of the members possess. You create the team for effective completion of your software project, so skills and knowledge in the programming domain are a priority.

However, we don’t recommend neglecting soft skills entirely as their absence may play a dirty trick on the health’s well-being. Even if all team members are new to your company and only start looking around and getting acquainted with colleagues, you need an effective onboarding process.

  • Make an official acquaintance of the new team and your in-house staff to let the new employees feel a part of the family
  • Establish prompt channels of communication for the newbies to get timely clarification and updates
  • Allocate roles wisely inside the team to avoid role ambiguity and conflict
  • Invest in teambuilding activities that will help glue the team together.

These are the tips that can help you set up an ideal web development team in record time. Recruitment should not be slow and hard if you know how to approach it wisely!

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