Tips For Finding The Best Credit Card Processor For Your CBD Oil Business

In this age, it is terrible to operate a business that does not accept electronic payments. People are shying away from using cash and looking at how several businesses have integrated these forms of payment; it is common to come across people with little or no cash walking around buying commodities. Customers know they are safe when they have their credit cards or payment details since they can use them to make purchases.

However, getting an electronic form of payment is not straightforward for some types of businesses dubbed to be high risk by merchant account providers. Such businesses find it hard to get a company that will help to facilitate their electronic payments, and your CBD oil business is no exception. So how do you find a reliable merchant account provider? Read below and find out.

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Understand Your Options

When looking for a credit card processor for your CBD oil business, know what you need and do not waste time browsing through options that won’t be of much help to you. In plain terms, normal credit card processors won’t accept your application since they decline high-risk businesses. CBD oil is legal in some states, but it is still classified as a risky commodity due to its controversy and illegality in some states.

Therefore, only analyze your options based on the high-risk payment processors you get in the market and choose one from there. This will reduce your options and give you an easier time when trying to pick the best one for you. High-risk credit card processors have dedicated their services to businesses that are categorized in that group and since your CBD oil firm is one of them, do not look any further.


One thing that you need to know is that you will have to pay more charges as a risky business compared to all the other non-risky ones. This way, do not look at what a general shop is paying and start looking for a firm that offers the same pricing plan.

However, as much as the high-risk credit card processors charge a little bit more than the regular ones, this does not mean that pricing should not be a factor. Payment processing is a critical part of your business, and if you select a processor that charges you highly, you could find your business losing a lot of money say in a year.

Compare your options and see what each of them charges before selecting one. Keep in mind that these processors use different pricing plans that may have different implications for your business based on the amount and types of payments you receive. It helps to do some homework about some of these pricing plans so that you have some knowledge when meeting up with the processor and do not end up picking something that you will end up regretting later.


The high-risk umbrella covers various types of businesses, and it is always advisable to find a payment processor that is specialized in CBD oil businesses. This way, your work will be made easier since the processor won’t subject you to any rigorous checks before accepting your application.

Payment Options

While credit cards are the main form of electronic payment, it is not limited to that, and you need to check into this when finding a processor. However, it all goes down to the nature of your CBD oil business and any plans that you may have in future. If you run a pure brick and mortar store where you sell the CBD oil but plan on opening an e-commerce website to allow people to buy online and have the product delivered, you need to check about the ability to process online payments.

It is undesirable to get a credit card processor offering the standard POS payment terminal and find out that they cannot facilitate online payments long after you have established a good working relationship with them and want to set up an e-commerce website. While it is good to find a processor that offers a wide array of payment options, note that you need to pay for all of them and do not spend money on services that you do not need. If you need a POS payment terminal in your store, pay for that only and add an extra payment option when you are ready to use it.


While high-risk credit card processors are few, several players are venturing into that field, and the competition is increasing in that area. In any business environment, it is normal to have to good and bad service provider, and it is no surprise that you can easily land a bogus credit card payment processor. This way, it is prudent to do some homework on the options available to you before selecting the best one for your CBD oil business.

Go on the internet and check out the customer reviews posted and see whether the processor is good or not. If a CBD oil payment processor is reliable, they will have several positive reviews on their website and other independent review sites. However, a bad processor will have several complaints from clients and a couple of bad reviews. Always lean towards the processors that have been reviewed well since that is an indication that they offer reliable services.

Customer Support

Credit card payment processing is not a smooth thing, and you will need customer support from time to time. Some of these hiccups with the payment system can affect the smooth running of your CBD oil business, and you will want a company that deals with such matters in a timely fashion. Regardless of whether you can call or send an email, ensure that the processor has fast customer service for you. The best thing is to have a dedicated manager’s contact who you can call in case of an issue with the payment system.

Some important things to consider when looking for a credit card processor for your CBD oil business have been mentioned and always take your time and analyze your options well before picking one. A reliable credit card processor is an invaluable asset to your company and always do your due diligence and save your business from trouble going forward.

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