Top 14 Tips To Maintain Health While Working From Home

The disrupted routines of the pandemic have made us spend more tech screen hours than our eyes can bear, also affecting our physical and mental health. Here are some tips to maintain your eye and overall health while you are working from your home.

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1. Choose A Silent Room

Having a separate room can help you be more organized and focused. Even if you can’t manage to occupy one full room, look for any space around your house that you can dedicate to your office work. Just make sure that you do not sit with domestic things like the laundry or the kitchen in your line of sight.

2. Organize Your Desk

Make sure you declutter your workstation and keep it as neat as possible. This will help you to find things easily and right on time and keep delicate things like prescription glasses safe. Also, an organized place makes you feel more calm and disciplined.

3. Get A Comfortable Chair

Doctors always put immense stress on the importance of an ergonomically sound chair. You should be in the right posture when you have to sit in the same position for several hours else you may have to face frequent head, spine, and neck issues.

4. Keep Everything In Reach

It can be very frustrating and tiring to get up from your desk every 10-15 minutes to reach out for things like stationery, documents, cables, etc. Make use of the storage under and around your desk to arrange all things essential for your work.

5. Add Some Plants

You surely miss going out! Sitting in the furnished and domesticated environments the whole day can be very frustrating and boring. Air-purifying plants like aloe vera and snake plant can add a pleasing and serene aesthetic while also freshening up the air inside your room.

6. Add Fragrance

Studies reveal that pleasant and subtle fragrances can instantly amp up your mood and even increase your productivity. You can try experimenting with different fragrant candles and dispensers to find which one works best for you and your space.

7. Limit Junk Food

Do not hoard your kitchen cabinets with unhealthy fried chips, nachos, and junk food as then you’ll eat more just because you can. You can look for better alternatives like baked vegetables, roasted chickpeas, salted nuts, guacamole sandwich, etc.

8. Drink Plenty Of Water

Keeping your body can boost your memory and mood, reduce headaches and migraines while also reducing sugar cravings. You can keep a bottle filled with water right on your desk to keep reminding yourself to drink more water.

9. Eat Foods For Eye Health

Foods like blueberries, carrots, oranges, bell peppers, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and nuts contain several nutrients, antioxidants, and other elements essential for normal working of the eyes.

10. Portion Your Meals

Instead of eating 2 or 3 big meals during the day, you must eat smaller portions of your meal 5 to 6 times a day as it not only aptly satisfies your appetite but also aids in more efficient metabolism. This will also prevent impulsive snacking while you are working.

11. Choose The Right Glasses

Work from home regular or varifocal glasses should be super comfortable so you can wear them for long hours and very sturdy so you don’t break them when you get clumsy on your workstation. For this purpose acetate material round or wayfarer as they are lightweight, flexible, and hypoallergenic.

12. Wear Blue Light Glasses

Blue light blocking is the newest technology in the eyewear industry that comes with a special coating that blocks any blue rays falling on them thus preventing them from reaching your eyes. You can buy blue light glasses online or get an anti-blue light coating on your prescription glasses.

13. Maintain Eye Hygiene

Foreign particles like dust or dirt trapped under your eyelids can cause acute or even chronic damage to your vision. Make a habit of washing your eyes with clean and cold water at least twice a day. Another excellent hack to clean your eyes is to put some honey on your waterline before you go to sleep. The sticky honey will put out all the dust while also giving a soothing effect to your eyes. You can wash your eyes in the morning to get rid of the honey and the dust.

14. Keep Your Eyes Hydrated

Extreme exposure to tech screen blue light can result in Dry Eye Syndrome. Make sure to keep your eyes lubricated – blink more often and use artificial teardrops.

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