The Top Rated Magento Extensions That Help You Improve Sales

Managing an e-store is no piece of cake. Sure, technology has made our jobs a lot easier, but there’s still a lot left to be done. If only we could generate more sales by simply wishing them! Fun fact: reality sucks, you actually have to work your backside off to establish a solid web presence. Magento empowers over 14% of the e-commerce industry today and is your ticket to success. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the top rated Magento extensions that help you improve sales.

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1. Bronto

Are you looking for a Magento extension that boosts your sales without a lot of effort and investment? Bronto is your go-to solution. You can now divide your customer base into several categories ranging from their purchases to preferences and location.

With Bronto, it’s a lot easier to send them reminders, special offers, seasonal discounts and implement other high-value marketing campaigns. Circulating product suggestions, sending reminders for abandoned carts, coupon codes, and discounts, calculating cart value – there is so much you can do with Bronto at your disposal!

2. Sweet Tooth

Everyone loves to be appreciated and rewarded every once a while, especially your customers. There’s no harm in occasionally pampering your shoppers and potential clients with discounts, coupons, and special prizes. With the Sweet Tooth extension, you get to do just that.

It notifies you every time a customer rates a product, subscribes to your newsletter or shares your posts on social media. Sweet tooth allows you to send out rewards to such customers who promote your store and get you more sales.

3. Yopto

Getting customer reviews can be hard. Not everyone wants to put in that effort and leave a feedback that’s more than “good service” or “nice”. For you see, your customers might like your product but not enough to praise it publicly on your forum. And honestly, that’s not a bad thing. However, with Yopto Social Reviews extension, you can actually increase your chances of getting actionable feedback from your regular shoppers.

The extension automatically sends out emails to shoppers after they’ve placed an order encouraging them to leave a review. You can even motivate them with a coupon that they can en-cash once they share your product on social media. Yopto also enables users to filter out the credible reviews and display them on your homepage.

4. Have2Have.It

Have2Have.It is a must-have extension for all Magento e-commerce ventures. For starters, the software is pretty user-friendly. Secondly, creates a curated page for your store that has the look and feel of an Instagram page.

Link your store and the page on your Instagram account to attract all your followers. Shoppers can now browse through a catalog of product images, read the specifications before placing a purchase order. The extension has a customizable dashboard that’s optimized for mobile devices. Tag people, add content, gather customer data, make social media strategies – you can do all that and more here.

5. One Step Checkout

The One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2 stores has simplified the checkout process beyond belief. It removes all the glitches involved in the checkout process, reducing the time taken to place an order and pay for it. Customers no longer have to go back and forth to change their order details, now it’s all accessible on a single page.

The extension incorporates features like Geo IP (i.e. integrated with Google Maps to display a list of relevant addresses) and supports multiple languages. Plus there’s an order comments section where shoppers can add additional details or specifications pertaining to their order. Users can integrate the One Step Checkout extension with almost every third-party plugin.

6. Amasty

The Amasty extension helps you decide upon the appropriate marketing strategy for the store. It lets you conduct A/B tests, without having to create duplicate product pages for each test. You can use and reuse the same page for different tests, gather the data and develop your marketing plans accordingly.

First-time users can choose from a set of over 50 modules that are specially crafted for Magento 2 stores. The open-source platform is great for carrying out promotional experiments and getting quick and resourceful feedback for the same. Amasty also has a team of marketing experts and web developers at its disposal who can give you important tips and tricks to run your business better. Read more.

7. Adaplo

Product remarketing is a smart solution to reach out to visitors who are yet to place an order on your store. Magento extensions like Adaplo allows you to position targeted advertisements for a selected audience base. These ads are displayed on several social media platforms and Google Display Networks to remind them of the product and encourage them to check it out once again.

It can be a real challenge to broadcast your content across all networks and feature all your products at the same time. Adaplo helps you out with that. It creates remarketing ads across different platforms and also collects customer infographics generated from them.

8. MageWorx SEO

A good SEO strategy can work wonders for your e-commerce venture. It boosts the visibility and accessibility of your store, making it available to more and more people online. This enhances your chances of getting more views and eventually more sales. MageWorx SEO suite offers all the basic SEO functionalities.

You can customize meta tags, tweak the HTML source code, generate XML sitemaps automatically, identify duplicate content, add relevant keywords, and do more. Other than that, the SEO extension also provides regular notification about the problem areas of the store that needs improvement.

9. Follow-Up Email

Often, shoppers add stuff to their carts and abandon it midway. Although these visitors don’t contribute to the sales, they might in the future become potential clients for your business. With the Follow-Up email extension, you can send out emails to such people getting their feedback as to what went wrong.

Follow-Up Email helps you filter out the relevant recipients, create customer groups track the reader base and review new orders. With this extension one can also send out automated replies to each customer, saving you a lot of time and trouble. The auto-generated emails can also be customized to suit the current order status and search history of the customer. Some developers also use Follow-Up Emails to send out personal greetings, win-back messages, and product promotion links.

10. Magento 2 Form Builder

Building and managing promotional campaigns involves meticulous analysis of customer preferences. Contact form builders are integral for any e-store, and we need not tell you why. You get crucial customer information, details about their location, income range and other things that help determine your marketing strategies.

The Magento 2 Form Builder extension for Magento 2 allows you to build a custom form for Magento 2 where potential customers can leave in their email id, phone numbers, and addresses. Custom forms for Magento 2 are optimized for mobile devices and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Magento Extensions – The Bottom Line

The right application can make or break your business, choose wisely. Finding these aforementioned extensions is no rocket science. Magento extensions are everywhere, all you have to do is download the plugin, install it on your system and you’re set.

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