Top Security Tips For Online Money Transfers [Infographic]

It seems more and more people are worried about their online security. Especially after everything that has transpired in the last few years with security breaches and hacked credit card information. Even though the world of online money transfers is still far from being bulletproof, the way the media portrays the situations is not entirely accurate either.

Online companies handling your credit card information are stepping up their game and doubles down on security measures in order to keep your personal information perfectly safe. Well, I say perfectly safe as it is a guarantee. We have to remember that everything is only as secure as the level of creativity of the hacker.

There might, however, be a number of things that you can do to make sure you stay as safe as possible when paying for things online. As a matter of fact, we have found an infographic from the highly respected Kaspersky Lab who keeps over 400 million people safe with their software every day. This infographic should help you stop the most common hacking attacks from happening and they are pretty simple to implement in your daily online routine.

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Tips For Safe Money Transfers Online

For example, it should be common sense today to use adequate malware and virus protection on your computer. This will stop the majority of attacks and attempts to steal your private information during any money transfers.

Also, by only using your credit cards on sites who’s URL starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP, you further lower the risk of being compromised. This one has actually been added to Google’s search engine algorithm when it ranks websites. If a site has an HTTPS address it automatically gets a better ranking than a site without it.

To use a VPN service is also a recommended activity. This will turn your Internet connection into a secure and hack-proof virtual private network which keeps all your information safe from people trying to get their hands on it. There are several VPN services available online that cost close to nothing to use.

A robust VPN will also allow you to play safe online whether it is an MMO or a quick game of online poker. It has been proven many times over that a VPN can save you a lot of headaches. I can assure you that it’s a lot cheaper to use a VPN than having to cancel all your credit cards and also track down what else the hacker got their hands on.

Kaspersky Lab also mentions in their infographic that investing in anything that can prevent any keyloggers from catching your keyboard inputs is a great investment towards your online security.

Online Security – Conclusion

Money transfers online are not necessarily always a dangerous endeavor. Sure, one should always be on the lookout for suspicious activities, however, one should not shy away from the comforts of using online shops to buy your favorite things from. It’s a great and fast way to acquire what you need and usually, it’s cheaper as well.

So, have a look at the infographic below and make sure to patch every single security flaw that you might currently have left exposed. This should definitely make your money transfers and online activity a lot more safe in the future.

There are, of course, a lot of other resources that you should have a look at to further increase your online security when doing money transfers online. For example, by knowing about the tools used by hackers to gain access to your personal data you can better understand and increase your own online security. Have a look at our “Hacker Profiles – The Bad Guys Of Online Security” article for an in-depth look at what tools hackers use to force their way into your computer.

Another great resource is our guide “How To Stay Anonymous Online – Tips & Tricks“to setting up your own VPN service to protect your online activities.

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Safe Money Transfers Online Infographic