Transform Your Customer Data Integration Approach To Deliver Delightful Customer Experiences

The old adage of “know your customers” is still relevant in the current disruptive times. And with shifting customer demographics, it’s important for businesses to be cognizant of customers’ expectations and needs.

It has taken many smaller transformations to create higher-level transformations. The expectations of customers have amplified so much that just a friendly experience can’t satisfy and deliver the promised value to them. As a matter of fact, customers want to experience highly personalized and fast service. A multitude of factors plays a vital role here. Here are a few…

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1. The Definition Of Fast Has Changed Over Time

People are always connected to an instant feed of live updates, news, and messages in a world driven by social media platforms. In the current times, exposure is extremely important and Global Web Index has indicated in its report that 28% of time spent online is social networking.

This has accelerated the time customers expect companies to take to comprehend their data streams and use the insightful information to deliver value.

2. The Growth Of Self-service Integration Has Enabled All Business Users To Come To The Business Forefront

Self-service integration solutions empower even non-technical business users to consolidate all data streams all by themselves. These solutions enable non-technical users to create data connections at speed and scale. Meanwhile, IT can focus on more high-value tasks to drive growth and innovation.

3. The Online World Has Transformed Companies’ Ease Of Doing Business

Because customers can search for more information about anything on the internet, they have little patience when companies can’t comprehend their needs and demands on time. They expect their data to be at companies’ fingertips – from different types of stock information to delivery dates and customer records. They don’t expect businesses to not go wrong.

4. Customers Expect Round The Clock Service Using The “Always-On” Culture

In the current times, virtually everyone has a smartphone in their pockets to stay connected. Anyone today can easily find the data they are looking for, connect with whomever they want, and listen to whatever music they’d like at whatever time of day. Due to a plethora of factors, companies must stay on their toes and use reimagined integration platforms to keep their customers happy and delighted.

How Self-service Integration Solutions Can Enable Companies To Deliver Delightful Customer Experiences (CXs)

Self-service integration solutions enable non-technical business users to leverage complex, bi-directional data streams and extract valuable information to make informed decisions and drive value. These solutions have become a choice for most organizations primarily because they empower non-techies, support technologies happening in the industry, and deliver the value promised to customers.

Software engineers and other IT departments enable all business users to get rid of keyboard strokes and recurrent mouse clicks as much as possible to onboard a new business customer. Self-service integration platforms have empowered companies to identify customer expectations and deliver on them without delay.

While business users create data connections and integrate new customers, IT teams are freed to take up the governance role and focus on more high-value tasks instead. In other words, IT gets freed from executing long hours of custom coding and EDI mapping routines and drive more strategic tasks for faster innovation and growth.

With features like pre-built application connectors, shared templates, dashboards, intuitive screens, and more, all business users gain the power to handle and leverage customer data to deliver delightful CXs and improve ease of doing business.

This eliminates the need for IT to actively participate in these data-driven tasks, freeing them to focus on more important tasks.

Companies can rely on this solution to onboard customers faster by up to 80 percent, which means business users are all set to make a powerful first impression on customers and deliver the promised value to them sooner. Further, they can garner insights from data gathered to make business decisions, grow revenue, and reduce costs.

In short, companies can rely on self-service integration solutions to:

  • Become easier to do business with
  • Accelerate customer onboarding
  • Deliver delightful CXs
  • Accelerate revenue
  • Minimize the number of hand-offs between various teams to drive important operations
  • Improve Net Promoter Score

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