Workplace Personality Types: How They Support Each Other [Infographic]

There are so many workplace personality types, and when they collide, even the most innocent communications can get twisted and become horrible. I know this from personal experience. It can also be seen in the media. For example, if you’ve been following the recent Marissa Mayer scandal (yes, it feels like a scandal) then you know the outrage telecommuters all over the world are expressing over her new rule that all Yahoo employees have to report to an office regularly (even if they normally work from home).

Some people say that since she is a woman, Marissa is getting more of a backlash than a man would get if he made the same decision. After all, she does have a nursery beside her executive suite, and not everyone has that. But others say it goes beyond that. You can read more about it in an article published just a few hours ago on Bloomberg called The Excessive Uproar Over Marissa Mayer’s Telecommuting Ban. My question is, could this just be a situation of workplace personality types colliding and feelings getting hurt, but on a larger scale than most of us are used to dealing with?

Regardless, it’s important to learn the different workplace personality types and try your best to get along with all of them. Studies show that a team that gets along and works well together is 2.5 times more likely to be profitable than teams who don’t. Richard touched on this topic in an article a month ago called Top 9 Collaboration Types You Will Find In Every Company.

In this infographic below called The Workplace Zodiac by Mindjet, you’ll get to see some of these different workplace personality types, how they interact with others, and how they support the overall team. If you click over to The Workplace Zodiac: What’s Your Sign? you’ll be able to read much more about this and access many helpful links which will shed more light on the behavior of the people you might be working with in your own office.

Workplace Personality Types


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