15 Super Geeky Sand Art Sculptures For Summer

It’s summer time, and every geek is getting ready for Comic Con or a trip to the beach. But it seems a few geeks are already on the beach and have started their summer fun already. On beaches all over the world, creative sand sculptures are springing up with supreme geeky charm. Influenced by everything from movies to gaming, these sand sculptures are a marvel for most of us who will be burnt to a frazzle the moment we hit the soft sand on our summer excursion away from the keyboard!

I have sat and watched many a sand sculpture being created and have been amazed at not only the talent required, but also the way it is freely given away to something so temporary. Just like with ice sculptures, every artist knows that from the moment they begin creating a masterpiece like this, the clock is already ticking down to it being lost to the elements. For me, this is a true gift from a creative person who wants to share something with a small group of people for a very short time.

You’ll see sculptures here from gaming legends like Mario and Pac-Man, and a wonderful selection of Star Wars sculptures including a C-3PO and R2-D2. The Lord of the Rings sculpture is very realistic, but it is the humor in these sculptures that has the crowds flocking and cameras clicking. The cute Yoda sitting on Darth Vader’s lap is a perfect example. My favorite though has to be the Monty Python Flying Circus sculpture, and I think it is mainly because I immediately think of all the shows and films that always had me laughing.

So no matter where you are traveling this summer, make sure you pack plenty of sunblock and keep your eyes out for some wonderful sand sculptures. Judging from the collection here, you really won’t know what to expect when you step onto a beach. Just looking at the Charles Darwin sculpture makes me wonder if he ever imagined part of his evolution theory would include not only creatures coming out of the sea and evolving but also wonderful works of art!
















Image Credit: [Mental Floss]