A Giant Functional Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table!

Coffee tables seem to be the new trend when it comes to custom made builds by geeks. We have covered quite a few here on Bit Rebels, and we’re not about to stop now. Not too long ago I wrote about a giant Nintendo NES base station coffee table that had a functional controller. The interesting thing is that there is always someone who has to go and break the mold by creating an even bigger one. That’s exactly what has happened, and the build is insanely accurate. The creator, 10upDeluxe, spared no details when manufacturing this badboy.

The table itself is one of the most elaborate builds I have ever seen, and it’s fully documented in the included clip in this article. The fact that it has everything working and that every single little thing is recreated in such detail makes this build pretty much epic in every way. Four chromed legs and a glass cover make it even more appealing.

This build is soon up for grabs on eBay. Expect the price to be high if you want to be the one carrying this one home. This Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table was also recently featured in the movie “Un Heureux Événement” set for release in late 2011. So if you want a piece of movie history, and the geekiest coffee table that can be bought for money, be ready to cough up a hefty bunch of Benjamins in order to get it. Nothing is too daunting for a geek.