2010 Snowboard designs

For all of us who can’t wait for the snow to cover the mountain tops with enough of the powdery stuff so we can GET OUT THERE and ride the slopes…….. this post will hopefully get your mind focused on boarding {again}. I’ve previewed the Burton Endeavor and Salomon and hand picked my favorite designs. Another noteworthy mention, Endeavor features a page just for their board artists. {kudos}. Snowboard designs have been a rising trend over the last few years since its first conception in the ’70s.  Not surprising that design is a big part of the this $487 million industry. Prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand {US} Dollars. Many companies will cast for designers in competitions, design networks and art schools. So if you want to be the next BURTON/ENDEAVOR/SALOMON board designer….find the competitions, be bold and stand out. *preview graphic © by Oliver Barrett/GoMedia


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Check out this vid from Endeavors 2010 collection. {CAUTION- the music made me wiggle in my chair :P }

Endeavor Snowboards 2009/10 catalog from Endeavor Snowboard Design on Vimeo.