3 iPad Apps That Will Save You Time When Designing

More and more reviews of the iPad and it’s features are hitting the web every second it seems. Good, bad, useless, fantastic… well, the judgments are many but one fact remains: The iPad is already a huge hit whether you want it or not. Almost no gadget has been reviewed, debated or discussed as much as the iPad and every time it happens it’s another free ad for Apple. “All publicity is good publicity” as the saying goes, and in this case, that is true.

So what can the iPad do for you? It depends on what you want out of it. Some people want it for the awesome photo management and library functions, others want to play games on it. What if you are a designer, and you want to utilize its power towards your profession?

The iPad has been out for a few days now and apps are being worked on at this very instant. There are; however, a few apps that are truly going to save you time if you work as a web designer or developer. I have checked out a few of the better ones just released, and when looking at them, it’s clear that they will have a huge impact on your way of designing. These three apps pretty much cover all the basic parts of the design process, and will, in the end, make a huge difference in how you schedule and execute your projects.

The process of designing a website is now much more fun, and you will, in an instant, be able to show your clients exactly what you have in mind for them. No more paper laying around with doodles of a million different creations. Just slide, with your fingers, across the iPad and your ideas will be apparent to your customers like magic. At least to me this is a huge step towards an instantly rewarding process from something that previously was both time consuming and exhausting. Now I can sit on my couch, out in the garden, or at a café and just doodle away. No more bulky laptops that take up half the table, simply instant gratification and satisfaction.

iMockups – Wires Up Your Designing

Name: iMockups
Developer: Endloop
Info: Mockup your app ideas in seconds and iterate on them faster than ever.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro – Go Beyond Creativity

Name: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Developer: Autodesk
Info: Sketch, annotate and communicate your ideas digitally with a natural-to-use tool for all creative professioanls.

PadNotes – Share The Load

Name: PadNotes
Developer: Tipirneni Software
Info: Write, draw, hi-light or text any document using any image or PDF files as the background. You can use it for taking notes, filling out forms or drawing and then export the completed documents as images or PDF files via email or network sharing.