32 Self Promotion Tips For Freelance Designers [Infographic]

Making a good living from being a freelance graphic designer isn’t exactly easy as pie. Not only do you have to produce an extensive and impressive portfolio when you start, but you also have to work long hours and take all the crap your clients shoot at you at seemingly random times. You have to adjust to the thought that nothing is ever good enough, and that no matter how genius your designs are, there will always be changes to be made in order to make the clients happy. After all, they are hiring you to bring their idea into existence. If you can cope with all that and still have a dedication that is out of this world, you are definitely suited for the profession of being a freelance designer. Now all that’s left is the self promotion part.

You might think, “Oh lord!” That is such an understandable sentiment since self promotion can be looked at as being a little bit dirty. There are always going to be people who take the defensive stance when it comes to these things. What you should do is not to pay attention to these things and people. Self promotion is a necessity if you want to succeed within this field. However, self promotion and spam are two entirely different things. Even though the line between them can seem blurry, they are crystal clear as far as the approaches go.

In order to help you get started, I found an infographic that presents 32 self promotion tips that are either free or almost free. They will make a whole lot of difference if you want to promote yourself to the masses. Self promotion doesn’t have to be dirty or spammy. All you need is some good advice and some bullet proof ways to carry your campaign out.

This infographic was inspired by a post over at All Graphic Design, and it aims to aid you in your strive to become a well paid freelance graphic designer. This infographic is large enough to be printed and put on your wall to constantly remind you about how to proceed. If you return here, you can just click the infographic and scroll horizontally to gain access to the whole thing.

You should always remember that self promotion is not shameful promotion. It’s a way for you to get your creations out there. It may even be the only way in the beginning. If you do it right, you have so much to gain from it. So have a look at this quite massive infographic and take in all the 32 self promotion tips. Try them out one by one. Sooner or later you will find the one that is best for you. That’s when you should just stick to it, with that iron dedication, and just keep creating good content.

Most of my designer friends started out this way and continued to make a great career out of it. It just comes down to finding your own place in this quite lively designer environment. You have to be able to stand out, express a different design sense, continuously update, refine and perfect your skills as a designer, and become a self promotion machine. If you do these things right, you are going to make it as a freelance designer.

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Via: [visual.ly]