48 New Pac-Man Ghost Villains From Legendary Game Characters

I must admit that I used to adore that little Pac-Man shaped hand held game when I was a kid. Sure, it was monochrome and the sound was horrible, but the gaming was good and you couldn’t put it away if your life depended on it. Even though I can take the Pac-Man, is was always the Pac-Man villains that annoyed me a bit. I mean, the same ghosts over and over again for how many levels? Yeah, the mazes get all advanced and so forth, but it would be fun to have something else come after you every once in a while. I mean playing the game for as many hours as we probably did, it would be a nice little treat to see something else for a change. Maybe I am getting a bit snowed in on this, but after about 20 years or more, there should be an update to Pac-Man for sure.

If Tumblr user miki800 had the opportunity to decide, then the Pac-Man game would be changed forever. And let me tell you, it would be anything but boring and the same over and over. With new ghosts that portray legendary game characters like Link, Batman, Stormtrooper, Megaman and Superman, you can be sure the game will be ultimately more exciting to play.

I love creativity like this, and I think it should be incorporated more frequently into games just to flip the reality a bit. I am sure it will be quite some time before we will see all of these characters in a new incarnation of Pac-Man, but a geek can dream can’t he? After all, it’s all about the vision anyway, right?