Movie Villains Become Butter Bad Guy Sculptures Fighting Cholesterol

People create the most curious things sometimes. It’s amazing what can become of a piece of candy wrapper or even a banana peel. You never know when an idea will bring you a million people to make your stuff go viral on the Internet. We have seen it happen so many times. Everything from Styrofoam cup art to pumpkin technology, it’s all been done, and as long as people have imaginations, that will never stop. However, when it comes to edible things, the palette of geeky stuff created hasn’t been over exposed, or maybe it has (I just came to think about all the Bento boxes out there), it just hasn’t happened a lot lately. When it comes to butter, I don’t think we’re too greased up, especially when it incorporates movie villains, right?

As we all know, high cholesterol is bad, and we should take every chance we get to prevent it. Advertising agency Alch1m1a was hired to create a few ads to help visualize and make people understand the seriousness of it. They set out to create butter bad guys using movie villains as inspiration. The ultimate movie villains are of course some of the most murderous ones that we know of. If you don’t know who they are, you have simply not watched enough horror movies yet. You better get started…

There’s no doubt this ad campaign gets the message across, and you really have to admire the epic skills it must have taken to carve these movie villains out of pure butter. It’s not exactly the easiest of endeavors, and you have to start wondering whether the artist was sitting in a freezer while doing it to prevent the butter from melting completely. Maybe now we’ll all know once and for all not to mess around with too much cholesterol, or maybe we’re just too doggone excited about these movie villains and these art pieces in order to take in the real message. Either way, these movie villain butter bad guys are amazing and deserve your attention.

Alch1m1a’s Butter Sculpture Movie Villains




Via: [Gizmodiva]