8-Bit Photography: Game Characters Escape Once Again

Not too long ago, I wrote about the wonderful and creative image mashups of 8-bit game characters that had escaped to reality.  I also wrote about the awkward job interviews with some of the most legendary game characters that we all may ever know.  As expected, the interviews didn’t work out that well.  The best answer was probably how one could solve some of the most intriguing office problems with a barrel roll.  How can you really beat that?  But, those are the old days.  There is a new wave of 8-bit characters on the loose, and they are more badass and definitely larger in size than anything you have ever seen before.  So are we under some kind of 8-bit invader attack or is it just a friendly visit?  We may never know, but the cool thing is that I don’t think it will stop.

This genius collaboration between photographer Kevin Rozario Johnson and illustrator Jamie Sneddon has resulted in the 8-Bitscape photo series, one of the most iconic and mind numbing 8-bit character mashup series to date, and they are sure to leave a lasting impression.  I don’t know if you remember the 8-bit invader attack video from about a year ago that went viral instantly.

The scale of their photography collaboration is epic on every level, and some of the images make it hard to spot what is actually inserted into them as far as 8-bit fandom.  It’s a daunting and dooming bunch of pictures that remind me that I definitely have to go and check out Battle: Los Angeles when it comes out.  The eerie feel of that movie pretty much goes hand in hand with these images. These are amazingly executed and brilliant for design inspiration.

8-bit Character City Skyline

8-Bit Storm Invader Attack

8-Bit Pixel Landscape View

8-Bit Roadblock Car View

8-Bit Buggy Character Hunt

8-Bit City Street Invasion

8-Bit Mysterious Forest Dawn

8-Bit Epic Bridge Invasion