A Day in The Life of a Web Designer

Ok, so it’s been official for quite some time and somehow it has escaped clients that creating a website doesn’t just take a few hours as some may think. It’s actually hard work, long hours and usually head locking to try and come up with new great ideas for a cool theme or feature. Time is usually used for trial and error in terms of design features. How, where and what is common thought processes when designing a site from scratch.

It’s important to note that when designing a new website it’s a lot of work just to iron out something that feels fresh, compelling and eye catching. Hours can be spent on a design feature only to not make the cut in the end. If creating websites would be just to sit down and “do it” then I would certainly be surprised why not everyone started their own web design company and served their customers a couple of websites a day. Well, it’s not like this and just to show you what a designer goes through an entire day I thought I would use this video clip as an example. Enjoy!