The NES Lunchbox Mod For Hungry Retro Geeks

I have so much to say about this. I don’t even know where to start. I absolutely love this NES mod, and I truly think it’s brilliant. This is better than a lunchbox available in any store in the whole world; I’m definitely convinced of that. However, when I think about taking my own NES and making something like this, well, I get a little tear in my eye. Yep, I guess I’m just now realizing how special that dag-gum thing is to me, and I could never destroy my baby for this purpose.

I also noticed when I was researching for this article that creating a NES lunchbox is not a new concept. Why haven’t I seen this before? I found this other pretty cool example on Instructables from 2008. It seems people will create just about anything with their old NES. I even found an NES briefcase mod that looks geektastic. This little lunchbox design below is definitely my favorite one that I’ve seen so far. The little sammy slot where the cartridge goes is divine.

I can’t imagine this being a lunchbox for a kid though. I mean, how could anyone who didn’t play the original NES in the ’80s ever truly appreciate such a beauty? To all you kids, you better get to modding your own Wii or Xbox 360 cause you ain’t gettin your greasy grimy hands on this badboy! It’s mine all mine. Designer: Masennus Directions here: reddit

Retro Nintendo Entertainment System Lunch

Via: [GeekOSystem] [Geekologie]