A Little Design Inspired By Parking Jackasses

What is it about people who park badly that inspires us to act? It’s the strangest thing to me because even though it’s completely annoying to see someone park like an idiot, I can think of waaaaaaay more needling pet peeves of mine than that. Regardless, everyone from designers to moms seem to get their panties in a wad over bad parkers.

This past November The Huffington Post wrote an article called The Funniest Notes To Bad Parkers Ever Written, and they were truly great! I found it surprising that each person who wrote one of those notes was so annoyed that they stopped what they were doing to write it and put it on the car.

This person hates bad parkers so much, he started a website called Bad Parking just so he can take pictures of them and post them for everyone to gawk at. There is also a flickr group called You Park Like An Asshole dedicated to exposing parking jerks. Today I’m sharing with you a bad parker inspired product called a Parking Ticket Booklet. This is an actual booklet of 20 parking violations that bad parkers often commit. You just carry these in your car and the next time you see someone park like a jackass, you just rip one out of the book and leave it on the car for them to find. For me, these are a little bit too sugar sweet. I think I’d prefer the edgier way to deal with such people, which I wrote about in How To Handle A Parking Douchebag And Keep Your Sanity. If you like these, you can buy a book on Vat19 for only $6.95.

Bad Parker Violation Tickets

Book of Parking Tickets

Parking Jackasses Driving Badly

Via: [Book of Joe]