ABC3D | Next Gen Learning Pop-Up Book

Do you remember the birthday cards you sometimes got when you were a child. Those pop-up cards that if they were really nice had those “Happy Birthday” tunes played in a really annoying kind of sound? Well, I got my share of those and really, for a while just hated them. I did until I got just a little bigger and found those pop-up books. I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. I really did. They were creative and it was like entering a smaller version of Alice in Wonderland.

As I grow older I sort of forgot the wonder and the amazement those books gave me, which usually comes with grown up hood (sad really). But, yesterday I got some of that all back. I am sure I would have gotten way more excited if I actually had found this book right off a shelf somewhere at a bookstore or something but this was good enough. Good enough to activate that childish feeling of amazement once again.

What I found was an amazing ABC pop-up book delivered in some kind of typography style. The book is called “ABC3D” and the name really tells it all. The brainpower poured into this book is just stunning. With every page turned I get a little more inspired. I try to imagine how kids that for the first time reads a book like this will react. It must be the same feeling I had. The “This is better than Cartoon’s!!!” kind of feeling.

Check this clip out and let yourself be pulled back to your younger years (if you’re not still there) and just open your eyes to the amazement. Enjoy!