Access to Ryan Seslow Installation Art

Installation Art is one of my favorites.  I am just happy that I know people who are passionate about their Art.  My friend Ryan, just finished mounting another exhibit and is now open for people to view his work.  I have asked him to give us a personal tour and I am just grateful that he has agreed to share with us his wonderful work.

Ryan Seslow Installation at the Hillwood Art Museum

I have been holding off on responding to this new piece since its installation this past few days ago. There is a part of me that is unsettled. It has nothing to do with the outcome of the installation itself, or the individual works with in the module. Its about the context of how the ART is being viewed, and where it should go after. I select content from several place and spaces with in my existence. I synthesize the use of my very conscious ego while unloading the unconscious data that pops up into my stream of everyday thought. I accept and allow. I am enormously affected by popular culture.

accessryansI love images in and or themselves. I find colorful advertising stimulating. Full of design, shape, and form first before the message itself. I minimize things to examine them, and then I put them back together for another thorough exam. In this particular show something new happened. New questions have captivated me. I am working on them as we speak. I am obsessed with their dealings. The show took less than one hour and 30 minutes to install. It consists of over 150 pieces. I realized as I was installing, a new kind of urgency that took over. The work needed to be installed fast, much faster than the last 10 works of this scale. Why? I asked myself. What was this new energy all about?  Then a question hit me while I was composing the work, which is 100% intuitive based on the number of works that I have, plus the scale of the space I have been allocated. Urgency is a non physical thing, but it can be measured in physical time. Duration began to play a roll in the process. Well, what good is this if I am the only one who knows how long it takes to install? And why does that matter? Duration and urgency are terms that I resonate with. They excite me. I unconsciously induce them. This is a good thing as the attraction demands explanation. This form, the written word is a powerful tool. It helps to clarify and become objective even with the most subjective of experiences. For the first time in my career as an installation artist I had evoked a new desire to perform the installation process live. Don’t get me wrong, I have created public art before, but I never publicized that fact that I was going to do it at a specific time and date. So, if you were walking by and found the installation interesting, you could stop and watch for a while, but Im pretty sure my selfish focus would have deflected you, and or encouraged you to move on.

I have released that. I believe it comes from the context of how and where the art is shown. In the gallery and museum space only those who are invited, and or choose to come will view the works. I find this population to be very small in the grand scheme of things. I have a greater need to reach a larger audience on a more public scale, on a more global scale, and on a more selfless scale. It is my intention to activate the human potential with my work. It is my intention to activate and evoke your imagination with my work. To do this, I need to collaborate more with other people. Not just the art educated, and museum and gallery savvy, but the overall human collective consciousness. Im going to add more to this entry soon.

On view as a part of the Long island University Art Department Faculty Exhibition. The Hillwood Art Museum is Located in Brookville NY, Campus of CW Post, Long Island University. December 1st – 23rd 2009. Opening night is Thursday December 3rd 5pm – 8 pm


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