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Aside from the social sites there are also some very cool designers community out there where they give artist the opportunity to showcase their works but also to voice their opinions by joining forums.  All one has to do is register and upload their work.

Amateur Illustrator provides a platform for artists and illustrators to showcase their work and recieve critique. The forums are the real heart of the community where most of the discussion goes on and the articles section aims to provide useful and informative reading on all things art and illustration.

Their mission is to serve and grow the Amateur Illustrator community by respecting our members, nurturing their talent and creating new opportunities for them. The word “amateur”: We named of the site ‘amateur illustrator’ because the original and true meaning of the word is to do something because you love doing it. Someone who does something out of love often does it better and with more passion than someone who is being paid. The name also has no pretensions…we want illustrators who are beginners as well as seasoned pros to visit and use our site.

Check out some of the works on there: