52 Ace Illustrators In One Deck Of Cards

I love art of all kinds. I don’t care if it is a Van Gogh or a piece of graffiti on a subway wall. The rise of Banksy in the commercial art world is only be possible thanks to all the great graffiti artists of the 1980s and onwards who paved the way with their incredible innovations. One reason why I collect and love collecting (my wife says it’s hoarding, but that’s a whole different conversation) is the fact that I love the art in everything.

I seriously have difficulty in throwing away even club flyers or theatre tickets due to the graphic design skill and work I know has gone into them. When I used to read comic books, I could never finish one due to the fact that halfway through, a panel would inspire me so much that I would have to stop reading and start drawing. I will tell you how bad this actually has got with me. You know the TV series Heroes? I loved watching Heroes because I really liked the concept and thought it was well acted. As soon as the artist Isaac Mendez created the first painting in the comic book style, I lost the plot completely. It’s a curse!

So when I saw this collection of illustrators all packed into one beautiful set of playing cards called ’52 Aces’ I flipped. Each playing card displays an illustration from one illustrator, and they have all created some amazing pieces. I am now looking to buy this, which retails for €28. You can find it at 52 Aces. The pack of cards comes in a beautiful tin box and is called 52 Aces. Fantastic!

What I really like about the cards is that every single one is completely different and amazing in its own way. The illustrators have really outdone themselves with their card, and none follow the usual stereotypes you normally see on playing cards. I only have one issue with this wonderful set though…and that is I know the minute I start playing I will be so distracted, I am bound to lose every single game!


Image Credit: [52 Aces]