AidaForm – New Form Creator And A Typeform Alternative Worth Considering

Typeform is a widely popular service you can use to create conversational online forms. Typeform templates feature one question per form page – to create a conversational dynamic – and offer lots of creative designs. Typeform has been around for a long time and people love it.

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If you love Typeform and its tools are enough to cover your form creation needs, awesome. For those who are considering an alternative to Typeform, we have a few ideas why:

  • Typeform supports the Conversational mode and that’s it. If you want a classic form with all fields listed on one page or grouped in several pages, you need to look elsewhere.
  • Order form options have their limitations. There’s neither PayPal support nor a way to collect subscription payments. Typeform doesn’t have an Order Cart field to select product options and quantity.
  • Finally, the Typeform subscription pricing might be a reason to look for a more affordable alternative.

In this article, we will review* the new Form Creator by AidaForm as an alternative to Typeform. It’d be incorrect to say AidaForm is better than Typeform – it’s for you to decide which form builder fits your requirements better. However, we believe that AidaForm can be a strong competitor to Typeform when you’re looking for a tool to build order forms, quizzes and surveys.

*This review won’t be evaluating all features of either AidaForm or Typeform. The information about both programs is valid at the time of publication. To learn more about the current versions of both Typeform and AidaForm, visit the respective website of each service.

Form Creation Tools

The form editor in Typeform has a fairly simple and straightforward user interface. You can start from scratch or use one of the many ready-made templates. There are samples for quizzes, surveys, lead generation forms, and more. All of them are expertly built and look really great in the one-question-per-page format.

However, Typeform-style forms with one question per screen can’t cover all standard forms and use cases. For example, chunking contact information input – name, email, and delivery address – into three separate steps may confuse potential customers and take too much time to fill out.

It’d be great to combine all these fields on one page and confirm them with a single click on the ‘Submit’ button. This kind of friction may result in losses down the road if people feel it takes too long to fill out the form and abandon it halfway through.

Essential Fields And Elements You’ll Find In Typeform:

  • Basic input fields: name, address, email, text, etc.
  • Matrix, opinion scales, and ratings
  • File upload
  • Stripe payments
  • YouTube video / GIFs

AidaForm supports both conversational and classic single-page layouts. Plus, you can group form fields into several pages for logical sequencing. Like Typeform, AidaForm has a huge library of ready-made templates for every occasion: feedback forms, quizzes, order forms, applications, and many more.

AidaForm’s builder also has all the essential responsive blocks Typeform features: name, address, file upload, rating scales, drop-down lists, and more.

Form Elements That AidaForm Offers And Typeform Doesn’t:

  • Digital signature
  • Captcha protection to make sure only real people submit responses
  • PayPal payments
  • Order cart
  • Subscription payments via Stripe

Conclusion. Both AidaForm and Typeform offer a wide range of building blocks to create all kinds of online forms, surveys, and quizzes. If you’re planning to focus on order forms, AidaForm might be more flexible, though. Check out AidaForm if you need to work with the classic one-page layout,  too.

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Form Design

Form design is where Typeform really shines. Their numerous design templates are cute, friendly and emotional. All designs are customizable but streamlined: no obscure parameters or option overload. You can easily see what you are changing and what your final design will look like.

While there are not so many design flourishes in the AidaForm’s form builder, it is just as user-friendly as Typeform’s: you have several  preset themes with neat combinations of fonts, colors, and backgrounds. Like Typeform, AidaForm ensures that nothing goes wrong, even if this is your first time designing a form.

Adaptive default themes ensure that your forms look good regardless of the changes you make: font and color changes are adjusted to match your form content. Edited themes can be saved for future use.

Conclusion. Typeform and AidaForm both offer intuitive form design editors but when it comes to preset form designs, Typeform clearly has an advantage over AidaForm. However, as long as you want clean forms with classic designs that are easy to customize and reuse, AidaForm will do the trick for you just as well.


Creating an account with Typeform and playing around with form creation is completely free. You can try everything they have in stock, but some features like unlimited questions or hidden fields are hidden behind a paywall: you won’t be able to publish forms with those features without subscribing for a payment plan.

The number of responses you can get on a free plan is also limited to only 10 per month across all your forms. The Typeform plans are pricey: for example, to be able to customize your form URL, set up redirects on completion, and receive 1,000 responses per month, you’ll need to buy the Plus plan, which costs $59 if you choose to pay by month.

AidaForm is a relatively new player on the market and an attractive price is one of their ways to win customers. At the moment, the most expensive all-inclusive AidaForm subscription plan is Ultimate and it includes 10,000 responses per month, has access to all form creation tools and advanced customization features like custom domains for $50 per month only. If you need to expand your response limit, you can get 1000 additional responses for $10 per month.

Conclusion. Compared to Typeform, AidaForm offers much more attractive pricing on all of its subscription plans. If you’re interested in saving and there is no definitive Typeform-only feature that you must-have for your forms to perform in your workflow, consider getting AidaForm.

Summary – AidaForm May Be A Successful Typeform Competitor

Typeform is a user-friendly and well-designed online form creator that allows you to build beautiful conversational forms – and it’s great at that! However, it won’t be able to do what you need if you want to have more than one question per page, create advanced order forms with carts and subscription payments, or let users digitally sign your forms.

It’d be false to say that AidaForm is better than Typeform. But there are certain use cases where this new service is a good alternative to Typeform.

A versatile set of tools and attractive pricing make AidaForm builder worth trying. So create a free account and take it for a spin!

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