Ambient Wallpaper: This Is The Next Generation Wallpaper

Believe it or not, designers and entrepreneurs actually have a life. To come home to a nice and relaxing home is what makes the whole thing worth it. Without the haven of kicking back at the place you know is all about what’s most important in your life, there would be no energy to create what you hope will be the next big thing. And what better could you relax to than a soothing and relaxing dimmed down light and slow ambient music? It’s a way to charge your batteries for your next burst of ideas to implement or give birth to. As I used to say, there’s no fast without the slow, if you know what I mean.

This project called “Inconspicuous Matter” will certainly put the cool spot in your interior design. It’s a development and research material that reacts to electronic impulses. That’s the easy way of explaining it, and believe me, you don’t want to get all technical here. What the material does is this… with the electricity turned on, it will change its colors to create a pulsating color pattern in any shape or form you want it to.

This ingenious project is the brain child of Celine Marcq and truly makes for the next big thing in wallpaper design. Interior design will surely never be the same again. The ultra amazing effect it produces would make for perfect bedroom lighting. Even the living room would get a neat touch up if you would just dare to explore its possibilities. Too cool to pass up on if you ask me!