Angry Birds Are Like Your Sex Life [Chart]

Is there really a connection between Angry Birds and sex? Hmm… Let’s think about that for a second. They are both fun and games, they are both addicting, and they both can have pigs, so I suppose I can see the similarities. The real question is, have you ever played Angry Birds while having sex? Opps… Did I really just ask that? :)

As basic as both Angry Birds and sex may seem to you, Idan Schneider from C-Section Comics managed to combine the two into this brilliant chart which will have you giggling all day long. His humor is spot on, and I’m still smiling even now. The black bird is obviously my favorite, and I’m not looking forward to being a white bird. Oh, and I’ll do everything I can to never be a fat big red bird.

Which bird are you? I can think of a bird or two that isn’t represented here. *cough cough* See what you did Idan? You’ve managed to single-handedly taint Angry Birds. As cool as this is, where are the sling shots? What about the Angry Birds that have turned into Happy Birds afterwards? Do these birds always have a horizontal velocity like in the game? I could go on and on, but I better shut up now before I dig myself a deeper hole here. Now I’ll never think of that game the same way when I play it. tee hee

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Angry Birds Are Like Sex

Via: [Geeks Are Sexy]