AR-Tees: Augmented TV Reality On Your T-Shirt

So far we have seen a lot of different ways to implement augmented reality into our daily life. Some involve business cards, packaging or even the world itself (directions and tourism), but have you ever seen it on a t-shirt before? It is definitely a first for me, and I think it’s quite a nice approach and whispers of yet another revolution within the designing of t-shirts and clothing.

Augmented reality is a clever way to increase the interactivity with objects that before were static and boring. It kind of gives life and new uses to objects that used to have only one purpose, to be used. I admit the range of usefulness could be wide, but the fact is that augmented reality adds another layer to objects that can be developed even though the thing has already been bought. It’s somewhat like a smart phone. You just download new content and off you go.

Sebastian Merchel is the bright mind behind this interesting idea. The Harry Potter newspaper and the Teletubbies reality show are no longer very far away when augmented reality is implemented, and Sebastian’s tees certainly scream of that. You will be able to check out new interactive content directly on your t-shirt by just using your webcam or even your cell phone.

The day when you will be able to point your cell phone at a crowd of people and see more life than first meets the eye has arrived. The uses could be many, but one that comes to mind is that every designer will be able to carry with them their latest presentation and design directly on their t-shirt, all in full moving animated splendor. I can’t wait to see where this is going, and I hope that more t-shirt designers will tap into this revolution.

You can even get your very own right now for only 27.90 Euro over at Sebastian Merchel’s website. Brilliant!