Artists Finger Painting on The iPhone | AMAZING

Are you an artists that uses real brushes and real canvases to create stunning and mind blowing art pieces? Or are you even using a computer with a wacom pad to make sure you end up with a truly sizable piece? Well, I have one better on you and this is going to blow you away! If it doesn’t…well then you’re just simply better then the people in these clips. How that is possible I don’t know but I am sure there are a lot of people trying their best to be.

When I first saw these clips I just stared thinking… -“Where is the give away? Where is the switch between loaded art and created?” Every time I thought I had spotted it something comes along proving it is the real deal. The detail and at the same time the simplicity of these drawings is just amazing. Yup, that’s what they are…drawings. I too was a little scheptical in the beginning about it but dang they look good. So good as a matter of fact that from a distance it looks quite photorealistic. What do you think?

Drawing Michael Jackson

Drawing Portait of Michael Jackson

Michael Jordan

Drawing Shaquille O’Neil

Drawing John Mayer