Awesome Works of Art by Ted Mikulski

I love art and design and I am always grateful that I have come to know more artist/designers through this blog and through Twitter.  We at Bit Rebels have showcased a lot of talented artists throughout the lifespan of our blog.  Their art speaks volumes and their passion for beauty is contagious and inspirational to the very edges of our senses.

I am honored to share with you yet another great and truly talented artist, Ted Mikulski.  His passion for abstract and installation art is evident in his works shown here. Art can sometimes feel odd and unexplained but that’s just what art is all about. It’s created to make you think and get your own emotionas in connection to the piece you’re looking at. Let yourself be inspired.

“I like large canvases, which allow me to be freer with the paint and express an overall concept. I use a combination of latex and spray paint to achieve various effects. Some may say that abstract expressionism is a con game, and I hear it quite often in Connecticut. However, abstract art does not have an obligation of recognition.

Art in general should be something ornamental, something that the owner can be a part of. It should speak to you in a way that is more than one sided. Abstract art allows the medium to free itself from human recognition. It’s meaning evolves and changes over time until it becomes something intimate.”

Ted is a professional artist in Connecticut. He has a masters degree in architecture and his works are featured in art galleries throughout New England. He is an adjunct professor at Tunxis Community College and Manchester Community College. You can see more of his work at

And you can follow him on Twitter too – @TedMikulski