Belt Bench: Here’s What You Do With 1,000 Old Belts…

So there you are trying to lose weight or maybe even trying to gain weight. Either one is a task that takes full dedication and constant monitoring so that it won’t get out of hand. When you lose or gain weight, there is one consequence that always goes with it, that little dilemma is a belt change. Sure, you can just go up or down a hole on the belt, but what fun is that? You want it to be just perfect, so therefore you just throw it away in the back of the closet. Or maybe, more realistically, your belt has just gone out of style. There are a million reasons why you would throw away your old belt I am sure, but do you have a million answers to what happens to it when you’re done with it? Probably not.

That’s why Wisconsin-based artist Hongtao Zho created the recycled 1,000 belt bench. Yup, that’s right! The two ended bench is created out of 1,000 recycled belts that were no longer appealing enough for people to keep in their possession. The build itself looks quite straight forward, and I was wondering why it had created so much attention. Then it hit me.

Of course it’s because it’s A THOUSAND recycled belts. Does anyone even know what a thousand belts looks like? I am slightly feeling the wheels turning in my head without grasping the amount. Is it a pile, a mountain or what would you call it? However, if you have about A THOUSAND belts to spare, then just have a look at this quite EPIC belt bench, and let yourself be inspired. A THOUSAND belts!