Brilliant Beer Can Creations

I love beer. There is nothing better than going to a baseball game and cheering on the team while drinking a cold one. I know, it’s not very ladylike. That is why I was so happy to meet @ShellyKramer, another woman who likes beer as much as I do.

However, can you imagine liking beer so much that you pay tribute to your favorite brand by cutting up your empty cans and designing brilliant pieces of art? That is exactly what a team of artists did with cans of Efes Pilsen, a Turkish beer.

I first learned of this artwork from my Twitter friend @krystynchong. This proves that a truly creative mind can create art out of absolutely anything. This type of art falls into the category of “Recycled Art” and is made from 100% recycled beer cans. What a great tribute to Efes Pilsen beer!

Enjoy this photographic museum!

Wow, people really get passionate about their beer! When I was researching for this post, I found this beer chandelier that I couldn’t resist including. Nice!