BROpener: The Tiny Device That Turns Anything Into A Bottle Opener

How do you open your beer bottle? Do you knock it on the edge of the kitchen counter like a beer-opening ninja? Do you use a bottle opener that is cleverly built into your smartphone case? Do you only buy the twist-cap bottles so you can delicately twist it off with a napkin? The way you open a beer bottle says a lot about your personality. Maybe you like to keep people guessing, so you switch up your methods. After all, there are at least 101 Ways To Open A Beer Bottle.

Now that two guys have invented the BROpener, there are at least 102 ways to open a beer bottle. The BROpener is intriguing, from a beer bottle perspective, because it will allow you to turn anything into a bottle opener. It’s basically a tiny aircraft grade aluminum device that has a super strong magnet on it (to catch the bottle caps after they pop off). You can easily attach this device to anything, and it will instantly become a bottle opener.

This isn’t meant to be portable (otherwise you would just carry a traditional bottle opener). It’s meant to be placed in odd places where you might need a bottle opener. For example, you could put one on the side of your bed, on the side of your TV, on the BBQ grill in your garage, on your mailbox, on your golf cart, on your refrigerator, on your dog’s collar (okay, maybe not there). When you want to move your BROpener to another place, you simply remove it and put it somewhere else. It’s as easy as that!

The two guys behind the BROpener are currently looking for funding over on Kickstarter. If you pledge $14, and if the project is funded, you’ll receive your own BROpener in March. This is a cute little device. I hope they get the funding they need to complete this project.

The BROpener Turns Anything Into A Bottle Opener



Via: [That’s Nerdalicious] [Oh! Gizmo]