Gaming Art: Beer Bottle Cap Game Characters

As we have stated before, art can come in a myriad of forms, sizes and shapes and none of them are right or wrong.  It’s quite interesting to know that almost half of all the art created with games as the inspiration comes from the early 80s and the Nintendo era.  Those 8-bit characters truly have become a silent fixture in our minds, and when we think of gaming, we usually think of Super Mario. Am I right?  Sure, if you’re a World of Warcraft maniac, that might be the first thing that pops into your mind, but after that, it’s almost always one of the legendary Nintendo characters.  When it comes to art, the ways to create it are many, too many to mention here.  So when you see something new, it doesn’t come as a surprise when it’s created out of every day objects.

Seven designers did their research to find the exact right colors for the caps that were going to create their game artwork.  It’s quite tedious work since they had to look at pretty much every beer bottle in order to determine the color and availability.  Creating one of these might require a lot of caps, so finding the best price for each beer is a good thing.  When they started, they quickly saw that pixels and beer bottle caps work pretty much in harmony.

However, don’t think this was quick work just because you can hook up your character or game snap shot in Photoshop, and then pixelate it so that it’s easier to plot out the bottle caps.  Nope, if you do that, you’re missing one key step in the creation of these awesome game character artworks.  You actually have to drink the beer as well.  Sure, you could pour out the beer and just use the bottle cap, but what fun would that be, right?  Throwing away beer, NEVER!

Super Mario Bottle Cap Art

Mario Princess Bottle Cap Art

Zelda Link Bottle Cap Art

Super Mario Beer Cap Art

Super Mario Beer Cap Artwork

Pac-Man Ghost Bottle Cap Art

Super Mario Ghost Cap Art

Via: [Dorkly]