Browser Wars: Your Favorite Browsers Illustrated

Everyone has their own opinion about which browser is best. I’m normally a fan of Firefox, but after all the problems I had with Firefox 4, I don’t know anymore. I’ve been using Firefox 5 for the past week, and that seems to be a little more stable. You know what they say, as a browser; you are only as good as your latest version.

There’s not a whole lot of loyalty there, we just want our browser to be compatible with what we are doing, fast as all get out, and just plain perform flawlessly. Is that too much to ask? Since I only spend about 10% of my time on my PC, I don’t use IE much, but my experience with it hasn’t been stellar. I could go on and on, but instead, let me ask you this. Have you ever thought about what these browsers would look like if you drew a picture of them?

Hmm… I would probably put red hair on Safari since it seems to be the stereotypical redheaded stepchild. Nobody I know is particularly keen on Safari, but other than for nit picky reasons, I have yet to understand why. I would probably draw IE to look like a big muscular giant with a teeny-tiny brain. He would be clumsy and slow, with an outdated caveman bat in his hand or something. Chrome would be the perfect size, not too big and not too small. I would draw her running laps around IE.

Recently Sketchoholic ran a contest called Browser Wars where they invited people to submit their drawings of the different browsers in a war. There were no rules except that you had to at least include two browsers in the drawing. I thought it would be fun to share with you what some of the participants submitted. The winner of the contest was shoze. You can check out her other work at The Shoze Blog. Her drawing is the first one below.

Sketchoholic Browser Wars Contest

Browser Wars Sketchoholic Contest

Browser Wars Sketchoholic Contest

Browser Wars Sketchoholic Contest

This image was not part of the contest, it’s one I found on Flickr that I thought was really nice.
Browser Wars Sketchoholic Contest

Via: [My Modern Met] [Reddit] Header Image Credit: [Jais Weblog]